‘LGBT propaganda’ in movies, TV and games is now banned for all Russians, not just minors

Russia has passed an expanded version of its law banning “LGBT propaganda” (opens in a new tab) in national media, including video games. Signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin last Monday, the expansion modifies a 2013 law that prohibited “the propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” toward minors to also include adults, effectively banning the positive representation of LGBT people. in Russian movies, TV and books. , music, theater and games.

People who break the law face fines of up to 400,000 rubles (about £5,200/US$6,400), while organizations can pay up to 5 million rubles (£64,825/US$79,000). Fortunately, a proposal to make repeated violations of the law a criminal matter and therefore subject to prison has been rejected for now.

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