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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are “asking for big trouble with King Charles” with their Netflix documentary, one commentator believes. Reputation management and public relations expert Eric Schiffer stated that glimpses of the six-episode show focusing on the Sussexes’ life, love and struggles within the firm provided so far by the entertainment giant are ” filling up the additional TNT tinderbox with the King.”

Asked how the Royal Family can fend off the claims and attacks possibly included in the docu-series titled Harry & Meghan, the California-based expert told “Charles has already set a lot of boundaries that I think they will help because Harry knows that unless he plays the game and respects the King and family, he will remain something of an outcast with very limited ties that could benefit him and Meghan.

“And I think ultimately it will come down to the facts, what are the allegations.”

Speaking about the first trailer for the docu-series released by Netflix on Thursday, he added: “The trailer is filling the additional TNT tinderbox with the King. This is not a way to rebuild a relationship with the Crown.”

“I think they are asking for big problems that in the end do not serve their interests.

“The King is not going to be happy about that, as he shouldn’t. [Without royal links] They become much less relevant.

“And the King has already made moves to highlight the irrelevance of how Harry was placed at the funeral to other moves that have communicated that to the public.”

In keeping with the Sussexes’ pecking order and non-senior status within the Firm, Prince Harry and Meghan sat in the second row during the funeral held at Westminster Abbey.

As he has not been a senior member of the Firm since spring 2020, Harry was not allowed to wear his military uniform on duty.

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However, his father granted him the honor of wearing it for the grandsons’ vigil held at Westminster Hall two days before the Queen’s funeral.

Prince Harry has also seen his role as State Counselor slip away as the Houses of Parliament debate the State Counselors Bill which would allow King Charles to select Prince Edward and Princess Anne as deputies.

While Harry, Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice would still be part of the pool of royals who can be chosen to carry out some constitutional duties in the king’s absence, it is unlikely that they will ever be selected with two members of the royal family. royalty more available to cover the charge. sovereign.

So far, Netflix has released two teasers ahead of the release of the first half of Harry & Meghan on December 8.


In the first trailer, shared Thursday while the Prince and Princess of Wales were visiting Boston, the Duke of Sussex can be heard saying as images of him and Meghan flash across the screen: “No one sees what goes on behind closed doors. “. .”

After an image showing an apparently distraught Meghan was followed by a snapshot of royals gathered at Westminster Abbey in 2019 for the Commonwealth Day service, the duke added: “I had to do everything I could to protect my family.”

Later in the trailer, Meghan tells her interviewer: “When the stakes are so high, doesn’t it make more sense to hear our story from us?”

Another trailer, released Monday, promised to make damaging allegations against the firm.

When the Duke spoke of a “hierarchy” within the Royal Family, he said: “there are leaks, but there is also sowing of stories. It is a dirty game.”

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