New Disney Star Wars Reveals Make Rogue Squadron’s Failures Even Worse

The revelations about the premature nature of Lucasfilm’s movie announcements make Rogue Squadron’s delay even worse, if more understandable.

rogue squadwhich was supposed to be the next Disney movie. Star Wars release, was scrapped from the studio’s slate this year, however new revelations about the project indicate there was little going on in the development of the film in the first place. After years of announcements attaching big names to moving the franchise forward after the Skywalker Saga, not a single theater Star Wars The movie project has reached production let alone a release date. While the excuse of irreconcilable creative differences is often offered, the new delay in the creation of Patty Jenkins rogue squad it’s especially disappointing after the project was revealed to have been announced before a story had been resolved.


Hollywood expert Matthew Belloni claims that Lucasfilm rogue squad the announcement was premature and occurred before a story was agreed upon. Lucasfilm’s preference for headlines over deliverables eventually resulted in compensation from former Disney CEO Bob Chapek ceasing with such hasty announcements. Lack of proper planning had also led to diminishing results in the sequel trilogy, but the revelation that rogue squad was announced without even an established premise goes a step further than not having a trilogy mapped out. The film’s potential to please big-screen audiences and the franchise’s innovator serves to exaggerate the missed opportunity of this botched announcement, as it rogue squadDisney’s failure culminates Disney’s Star Wars issue.

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Why Rogue Squadron’s Delay Is So Disappointing


Of all the possibilities to move the Star Wars franchise into a new, more entrenched war movie genre, rogue squad easily showed the most promise. Building on the legacy of the video game franchise of the same name, the film already had brand recognition and source material to draw from. Additionally, the franchise has seen the role of true space combat diminished in recent outings, with the crowning act of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker being set with a battle in the atmosphere.

In another place, which incidentally contains several parallels with the Star Wars franchise and further proving demand for the property’s return to the big screen, the massive success of Top Gun: Maverick just raised the bar for rogue squad. And in light of the growing appetite for TIE fighter and X-wing dogfights, rogue squadDelays are especially daunting.

Andor has shown the potential of the Rogue Squadron movie

political walk

With Andor, Star Wars he has shown an ability to tell political stories that focus on the average people of the galaxy. From the various civilians in Ferrix to the subordinates of the Empire’s Imperial Security Office, the show never fails to highlight the personal struggles that make up the Galactic Civil War, increasing the tension of each conflict like the lack of name recognition between the characters. . obscures his role and eventual fate in this ongoing mythology. AndorThe politically charged backdrop of allows for a ground-level approach to each character, reinvigorating common action scenes, spaceship chases, and gunfights, signaling the full potential of a rogue squad movie.

Weather Star Wars continues to experiment with new story directions on the broadcast front, Lucasfilm’s inactivity on the theatrical side has appeared as a missed opportunity. Of all the potential project cancellations announced, rogue squad showed the most potential given a combination of current viewership trends and the inherent popularity of this specific property. The continued delay of rogue squad it’s all the more disappointing given the success of new streaming shows like Andorwhich also focuses on themes of sacrifice and rebellion.

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