New Xbox Game Pass Game Chained Echoes Is Getting Great Reviews From Critics

A new Xbox Game Pass from day one is getting rave reviews from critics and is one of the highest-rated releases of the year so far.

Brand new, first day Xbox game pass The Chained Echoes game is getting rave reviews from critics, and if it continues, it will end up being one of the highest-rated new game releases of the entire year. Xbox Game Pass adds new games almost every week, and while there’s a lot of excitement for every new addition to the service, day one releases are especially exciting for subscribers.

December 2022 will see a number of day one Xbox Game Pass games added to the lineup by the end of the month, and some have already been added. stealth horror game hello neighbor 2 joined the Game Pass lineup on December 6 and high up in life is scheduled to launch as a day one Xbox Game Pass game on December 13. But in the meantime, subscribers may want to pay close attention to chained echoeswhich will be released as an Xbox Game Pass game on December 8.


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chained echoes, for those unfamiliar with the game, is a throwback to the JRPGs of the SNES era. It earned rave reviews from critics, earning an impressive 91 overall rating on OpenCritic based on reviews tallied so far. Xbox Game Pass subscribers should note that there aren’t many chained echoes Reviews that have been posted yet, so the score will almost certainly fluctuate, but right now it’s one of the highest rated games of the year.

Chained Echoes reviews

chained echoes sheet music by opencritic

Although the score may go down, the current score for chained echoes makes it one of only five games to have managed to score a 90 or higher when it comes to 2022 releases. freshly iced it also has a score of 91, while the point-and-click adventure game and Xbox Game Pass launch of day one norco it does too. The only games ahead chained echoes are elden ring Y god of war ragnarokwho have 95 and 93 overall ratings, respectively.

Reviews for chained echoes they have praised it for modernizing the JRPG style of gameplay, tackling things fans have disliked about the genre to make it more appealing to a broader audience. There has also been a great deal of praise for chained echoes story, music, and graphics, and many apparently agree that the game works well with its SNES inspirations and offers an experience that matches or even surpasses them. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can come to their own conclusions when chained echoes launches for the service on December 8.

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Source: Open Critic

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