PS5 and Xbox Series X/S are neck-and-neck to be crowned UK’s best-selling console

Reports out of the UK suggest that the console wars are heating up with no clear winner in sight for 2022. As it stands today, December will decide which console emerges victorious, with just 20,000 units separating the Xbox Series X/S. , PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. November was the best-selling month for consoles all year, fueled by Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and also massive record-setting game releases.

Bolstering the PlayStation 5 was god of war ragnarok, as the PlayStation 5 bundle accounted for 40% of all PlayStation 5 sales for the month. In all, Sony’s console is up 71% from October sales, continuing the back-and-forth battle with Microsoft’s Xbox series consoles that has been raging all year in the UK. Last month, the PlayStation 5 was the best-selling console, but by the end of October, the three consoles were within 40,000 units of each other.


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The Xbox Series S was the big winner on Black Friday, at £60 off, while the Xbox Series X was the most requested console. Sales compared to October saw a 105% increase for Xbox consoles, which is an impressive gain as they have been selling steadily all year in the UK. However, as proof that the console wars are too close, Xbox took second place for the month of November, despite accounting for 40% of all console sales.

In third place for the whole year, Nintendo Switch outperformed the other two consoles to take the top spot in the UK for November. A 175% increase in sales compared to last month pushed Switch to the top of the pack for the first time all year. A special package of OLED switches with scarlet and violet pokemon art was responsible for 8% of all Switch sales for the month.

From a difference of 40,000 in October to a gap of 20,000 in November, the console war is intensifying and heating up entering the last month of the year. until the last Pokemon titles were released, the Nintendo Switch was lagging behind in the UK, having recently overtaken Xbox One as the third best-selling console of all time in the region. With no more major exclusives this year for any of the three consoles, the race has entered its home stretch for the title of the UK’s best-selling console of 2022.

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