See what your community Googled in 2022

The year of Google search 2022 is here, and this time it’s more granular

As December progresses, every company under the sun is releasing their own take on a year in review. Some versions of these have likely been around since mankind began writing history, but Spotify really popularized it with its Spotify Wrapped format, which it launched just a few days ago for 2022. Google is at it too with its Year in Search 2022. , and for the first time, it is possible to search for the most popular queries by region in the US.


Google’s Year in Review always gives us a good opportunity to slow down and look at the topics that moved us in the year ahead, and this time is no different. It may already be a fad by now, but the surprise game “Wordle” managed to become the most popular search term of the year both globally and in the US.


The rest of the top searches, news, and topics shouldn’t surprise you either. Ukraine, Queen Elizabeth, and Hurricane Ian dominating Google Search shouldn’t come as a surprise either. People were also really interested in what was going on with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in their very public legal dispute, and interestingly enough, Disney’s Charming was the most searched movie, even though it was released in 2021 instead of 2022.

These are just a few highlights, so be sure to check out all of these top trends around the world or in your country on Google Trends.

Google local year in searches 2022

The most interesting thing for you is probably looking for what was popular in the area around you or in places you lived before. You can do this in Google Local Year in search 2022, where you can type in a zip code or city. It will give you a rundown of the most unique search terms in your area, although Google’s definition of “area” is pretty generous.

A quick search reveals that a large part of Vermont is lumped together as one area with parts of New York and New Hampshire included. It is no better sampled in other parts of the country, with the Philadelphia area encompassing nearly all of New Jersey and extending very close to New York City.


Going back to Vermont, I was still interested in checking out their great Burlington area, having lived there for a year as an exchange student in 2010. It was the only place that had a “climbing gym” on their top “close to Me” looks across the US, while country music was the area’s main music genre, probably to the delight of my host dad. It’s definitely a fun take on what matters to people in their general region, but if we could see smaller areas, it could be much better.

Year in Search isn’t the only review format Google has launched this year. The company also published YouTube Music 2022 Recap similar to Spotify and its new A Year on YouTube. Be sure to check out both if you are an avid user of either platform.

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