SNK and Hamster’s ACA NeoGeo Fighting Game ‘Art of Fighting 2’ Now Available on iOS and Android – TouchArcade

Last week side scrolling shooter pulstar will arrive on mobile platforms as the latest release in the ACA NeoGeo series from Hamster and SNK. Read Shaun’s review here. Today, fighting game. fighting art 2 It has been released on iOS and Android. fighting art 2 debuted in 1994 with 12 fighters competing in the King of Fighters Ultimate Fighting Championship. It featured the Rage Gauge mechanic along with weak and strong attacks with the recovery system. This is definitely one of my least favorite releases from SNK’s older fighters, but I’m still glad to see it being released on mobile for more people to try it out. Take a look at a screenshot of the Android version of fighting art 2 showing the buttons on the screen and the game below:

You can buy fighting art 2 ACA NeoGeo on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. As with previous releases on mobile, this is half what it costs on consoles at $3.99. If he hasn’t heard of the series yet or seen it in action on mobile, Shaun has reviewed most of the releases so far in the ACA NeoGeo series on iOS. Look at their reviews of top hunter roddy & cathy here, Samurai Showdown IV here, Alpha Mission II here, Metal Slug 5 here, shock troops here, NAM-1975 here, ZED SHEET here, PERPLEXED here, The king of fighters 2002 here, Grand Golf Tournament here, king of the monsters here, Last resource here, fighter jets 2 here, burning fight here, robot army here, mutation nation here, twinkling star sprites here and fighter jets 3 here. Check out the official website for the series on mobile here. What is your favorite recent ACA NeoGeo release and are you taking today’s release?

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