Taylor Kitsch to Star in American Primeval for Netflix

The limited series will be produced and directed by Pete Berg.

taylor kitsch Will Star in Netflix’s Upcoming Western Miniseries primitive american. The six-episode series will be produced and directed by pete bergand will be an exploration of the birth of the American West, focusing on the desperate men and women who travel to a hostile and lawless land and shape it to their will.

Kitsch will play Isaac, a man dealing with deep-seated trauma and personal demons who ventures west in search of a reason to live. Vice President of Netflix Peter Friedlander says of the series, “primitive american is a portrait of the American West like no other: raw, exciting, action-driven, and brought to life by a tapestry of emotionally compelling characters led by the talented Taylor Kitsch.” Kitsch has collaborated with Berg several times, appearing on the television series produced by Berg The lights of Friday nightand starred in his movies Battleship Y Lone survivor.


The lights of Friday night, based on the film of the same name that Berg also directed, starring Canadian actor Kitsch as Tim Riggins, and serving as his title role; he seemed poised for movie stardom on the back of the critically acclaimed series. However, his transition to film was difficult. He landed leading roles in a number of high-profile films, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine, John Carter, BattleshipY Oliver Stone‘s wild, but all flopped at the box office, critically, or both. She also starred in HBO’s second season. true detective, which was seen as a disappointment compared to its highly acclaimed predecessor. Most recently, he played the cult leader. david koresh at Paramount’s waco miniseries and in the Amazon thriller series terminal list. It will then appear in Analgesica Netflix limited series about the wealthy Sackler family and their role in the opioid crisis; Analgesic it is also being directed by Berg. Berg is a prolific film director, operating frequently in the action genre; his movies include the summary, The kingdom, Hancockand a litany of recent projects with Mark Wahlbergincluded deep water horizon, patriots dayY Spenser Confidential.

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Berg will direct all six episodes of primitive americanand will executive produce Film 44, along with eric newman (drug traffickers, The vigilant, rogue moon) for Grand Electric, and mark l smith. Smith, who wrote the scripts for the revenant, MisterY the midnight sky, will also write the series.

The rest of primitive americanThe cast of has yet to be revealed; Stay tuned to Collider for future updates.

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