Top 10 hidden features on the iPhone 14

Each version of iOS includes several new features and the latest iOS 14 is no different. While you may have already explored several of the new features, you’ll be surprised to learn that there are several exciting features that are embedded deep within. These are not visible in the main settings menu. To get the best out of your device, here’s a look at the top 10 hidden features on the iPhone 14.

Ambient sound recognition – This feature is part of the accessibility settings. It can detect a variety of sounds in the background and can alert the user to the same. For example, it can detect the sound of a dog barking, running water, doorbell, sirens, etc. The only downside is that Hey Siri commands won’t work, as long as the sound recognition feature is turned on.

mirror front camera – This feature is also available with older versions of iOS. But the operation has been improved with the latest iPhone 14. You can use this feature to capture a selfie in the same way, as shown in the viewfinder. You won’t get a reversed image, which is what happens in standard selfie mode.

touches on the back – Available in Accessibility, subsequent taps can be used to quickly access default shortcuts. For example, you can schedule touches to take screenshots or access the control center. You can program double taps and triple taps for different functions. Once you get used to it, back touches can be fun and save you time.

Volume button for fast video – Do you want to record a quick video? Just open the camera app and press the volume up or down button to start shooting instantly. To stop shooting, just release the volume buttons.

Screenshot – This can make searching for images much easier. You can add captions to images and easily search them anytime you want. This will help you avoid endless scrolling to find the image you need.

Customize the control center – On iPhone 14, you can control basic settings and also access some useful widgets. Essentially it allows for a more personalized experience. Once you have customized the settings, you can access them by simply swiping down. It can work even on the locked screen.

hidden touch panel – Editing text messages or long documents can be painful on a small screen. To simplify this, the iPhone has a hidden trackpad feature. It can be activated by long pressing the space bar. Once activated, the keyboard buttons will disappear and the entire keyboard will start working as a trackpad. You can then move the cursor to anywhere you want to edit the text.

LED flash notification – Notification lights are really useful, but surprisingly, there are almost no phones that have them now. On the iPhone, an alternative is to use the LED flash for notifications. You’ll be alerted when a message arrives and you won’t have to keep checking the screen.

siri spells – If you have an interest in casting spells like Harry Potter, you can program Siri to do fun things. For example, Hey Siri Lumos will turn on the flashlight and Hey Siri Nox will turn it off. Similarly, Accio can be used to launch an application of your choice. For example, Accio Twitter will launch the Twitter app. More fun spells can be added via Shortcuts.

recover deleted chats – It is quite common that we end up deleting a chat by mistake. Fortunately, the iPhone 14 can help you get it back quite easily. You can recover the chats through the ‘Recently Deleted Folder’. This feature will work for chats that are not older than 30 days. Beyond that, the chats will be permanently deleted.

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