Two women allege AirTags made it easier for them to be stalked and harassed

Two women filed a class action lawsuit against Apple on Monday, alleging that their AirTags made it easier for them to be stalked and harassed.

The women claimed that Apple was aware of AirTag’s potential use for stalking, but dismissed those concerns, claiming that their product was “stalker-proof.”

Apple’s AirTag, a quarter-size tracking beacon, launched in April 2021 with the intention of helping customers locate their personal belongings. However, the women say it has also been used to track down unsuspecting people.

“What separates AirTag from any competing product is its unparalleled accuracy, ease of use (it fits seamlessly into Apple’s existing suite of products), and affordability,” the lawsuit states. “At just $29, it has become the weapon of choice for bullies and bullies.”

Lauren Hughes, one of the women who sued Apple, was in the process of moving out of fear of her stalker when she received a notification on her phone that an AirTag was traveling near her. She eventually found an AirTag in her car, according to her lawsuit.

After Hughes moved out, her stalker posted a photo of her new neighborhood on social media, which included a tag suggesting another AirTag had been placed.

The other woman who sued Apple, who remained anonymous, found an AirTag in her son’s backpack. The finding came as a result of a contentious divorce, in which her ex-spouse continued to harass her. After she tried to disable the device, another one appeared, according to the lawsuit.

In response to concerns about AirTags, Apple developed notifications, like the one Hughes received, to let people know about AirTags moving with them. However, the feature can only be used on Apple products running iOS 14.5 or later, and there is no analogous system for Android users, the lawsuit states.

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