Viewers who watch The Game Awards on Twitch will get free gifts

The Game Awards announces that viewership rewards will be awarded to viewers on Twitch for select games, including one free game.

The game prizes will have viewership rewards for those who will be watching on Twitch. Courtesy of the industry’s most-watched awards show, exclusive in-game items and a free game will be distributed to fans who watch 60 minutes of The Game Awards on their channel or any of their eligible co-broadcasters.

The Game Awards have become a live streaming exclusive event over the years. The show encourages community participation, whether it’s on Twitch chat or on social media. The Game Awards 2020 had a Twitch drop that gave users a Geoff Keighley skin on Among us, which was well received by fans of that game. For this year’s show, that reward will return along with other event-exclusive goodies for other games, including a free game through the Epic Games Store.


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The Game Awards announced that viewers with 60 minutes of watch time on Twitch will receive viewership rewards that can be used to redeem rogue legacy free through the Epic Games Store. Other rewards will include the return of the Geoff Keighley skin in Among usa Kait Diaz from Gears of war suit in Fall Guysthe Syandana Lucra and 3-Day Affinity Booster in war frame3 Twitch Gesture Follower Forms In worship of the lamb, and a code for the deluxe upgrade for sifu through the Epic Games Store. Players must have purchased this game to redeem this reward.

Viewers must watch a total of 60 minutes via The Game Awards Twitch channel or any of its eligible co-streamers beginning December 8 from 4:30am PT to 7:30am PT. Eligible co-streamers include Asmondgold, CohhCarnage, Twitch Gaming, Hugo Delire, Jesse Cox, TSM_TheOddOne and many others. Most rewards must be redeemed through the Epic Games Store, except for war frame, Among usY worship of the lamb rewards

Additional details on The Game Awards viewership rewards and the full list of eligible co-stream channels can be found on The Game Awards website. Geoff Keighley has become a master at working his partnerships with Epic Games in particular to benefit their viewership and can add an ever-growing list of viewership rewards alongside world premiere video game showcase trailers.

Geoff Keighley has spoken highly of this year’s Game Awards and is trying to sweeten the deal for his viewers with these new rewards. With additional incentives on Twitch, it will be interesting to see if that diverts concurrent viewership numbers from other places that will be streaming the show, like YouTube, or if The Game Awards’ record-breaking viewership streak continues.

The game prizes will air live on December 8 at 4:30 pm PT/7:30 pm ET.

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Source: The Game Awards

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