Vomiting goats, kitten fights, ghost beheadings, and other reasons Steam reviewers give Dwarf Fortress 10/10 (or higher)

As someone who occasionally reviews games for a website that often reviews games, I probably shouldn’t say this, but… my favorite game reviews are on Steam, written by gamers. I’m specifically referring to a certain type of game review that usually comes in the form of one or two sentences, followed by a score. And that score is always “10/10”.

You probably know these reviews: they usually describe some kind of weird or funny popup behavior. For example, a review of Far Cry 5 that says something like “Went fishing, was attacked by enemy soldier but killed by bear, shot bear but mauled by mountain lion. 10/10.” Or sometimes it’s simpler, like an Elden Ring review saying “I’ll let Malenia step on me again – 10/10”.

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