Where to find Frozen Flame (Leviathan Ax Upgrades)

Upgrading weapons is a crucial step in god of war ragnarok, as it can increase Kratos’ damage. Each weapon has its own required materials, be it for Freya, Atreus, or Kratos himself. Exploring the nine Realms and fighting tough opponents will reward players with the requirements to level up weapons at the smithy.

The Leviathan Ax requires an item called Frozen Flame. Eight llamas in total can be found throughout the Realms in god of war ragnarok. The last flame splits into six frozen sparks, which are collected by completing Hel to Pay Favor in God War Ragnarok.


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Where to find the frozen flame in God Of War Ragnarok

Most Frozen Llamas are rewarded by finishing a certain chapter in god of war ragnarok, or by defeating a boss while completing The Path quests. However, maxing out the Ax’s powers will surely benefit players as it makes Kratos’ damage more powerful. Frozen Llamas can be found by following these steps.

Frozen Flame 1: Defeat the Huntress

the huntress in god of war ragnarok

During the main mission of Surviving Fimbulwinter in god of war ragnarok, players can defeat The Huntress to receive the first Frozen Flame. Heading to the Upper Wildwoods, Kratos and Atreus will be ambushed by the boss. She is a pretty easy boss to beat and has an obvious weak spot.

Frozen Flame 2: Defeat Alva

alva in god of war ragnarok

While exploring the Temple of Light in Alfheim during Groa’s Secret, Alva is a light elf commander who blocks Kratos’ path once he tries to leave. Defeating Alva will reward a Frozen Llama.

Frozen Flame 3: Defeat Nidhogg

nidhogg in god of war ragnarok

In the chapter The Reckoning where Kratos decides to help Freya remove her curse in god of war ragnarok, a Nidhogg boss will ambush the duo. He kills the giant beast to get a Frozen Flame.

Frozen Flame 4: Defeat the Hel-Traveler

hel traveler mini boss in god of war ragnarok

While exploring Helheim in Chapter 12, Gathering, a Hel-Traveler mini-boss will come to fight Kratos and his partner. The fourth Frozen Flame is obtained by killing the Hel-Traveler in Helheim.

Frozen Flame 5: Defeat the Flame Ghost

the flame ghost in god of war ragnarok

Searching for Surtr and trying to summon Ragnarok to war during chapter 16, Kratos will be forced to turn back and fight a Flame Phantom in god of war ragnarok. Debuff the boss and destroy all the springs surrounding the area to defeat him. As a reward, the boss drops a couple of important materials and Frozen Flame is one of them.

Frozen Flame 6: Defeat the Crimson Dread

the crimson dread in god of war ragnarok

The sixth Frozen Flame requires a bit of work, as it cannot be obtained in the main quest. After completing Chapter 13, Creatures of Prophecy, a new Favor will start soon after. The scent of survival favor in god of war ragnarok will take Kratos to the Crater, a hidden area of ​​Vanaheim. Upon reaching the new area, follow For Vanaheim! sidequest to rescue a friend and find The Crimson Dread. He kills the dragon to collect a Frozen Flame.

Frozen Flame 7: Defeat Svipdagr The Cold and Illska’s sisters (Berserker Boss)

svipdagr the cold and the sisters of illska in god of war ragnarok

By activating Boon Fit for a King in god of war ragnarok, players will encounter Svipdagr the Cold and Sisters of Illska Berserker Bosses in Alfheim. Although they are three, the two sisters share the same HP. Defeat the Berserkers and get the Frozen Flame.

Frozen Flame 8: Where to find all the Frozen Sparks

hel tear favor in god of war ragnarok

Upon unleashing the vicious wolf Gram in the main quest, the beast will leap between the Realms creating a tear, introducing the Hel to repay the favor in god of war ragnarok. Kratos must shut down these Hel-Tears to prevent the Hel-Walkers from invading the Realms. There are six tears in total, and each rewards with a Frozen Spark. Closing the final Hel-Tear will automatically reward players with a Frozen Flame. All six Hel-Tears can be found in:

  1. sindri’s house
  2. helheim
  3. Midgard
  4. svartalfheim
  5. Alfheim
  6. vanaheim

The first two are found automatically by completing The Path quests, while the rest must be found by exploring.

god of war ragnarok is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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