Why I think email is still the best communication service, as Yahoo Mail for iOS gets another update

Earlier this fall, Yahoo Mail added new features designed to simplify the way users manage business functions through email. With the holiday season likely to bring more email newsletters, shopping alerts, and discounts, read on to learn how Yahoo is looking to improve the signal-to-noise ratio with your inbox.

The new navigation at the top of the Yahoo Mail inbox makes it easy for users to save money and shop seamlessly from their inbox. The update includes a gift card view that allows users to easily manage their unused gift cards in one place, a “free trial” tracker that reminds users when their trial period is about to expire and a receipt view that makes it easy to see receipts for all orders in one place. In addition, Yahoo Mail now offers automatic package tracking alerts that appear at the top of the inbox to keep users informed about the status of their package. These updates make it easier for customers to track their gift cards, subscriptions, and purchases, simplifying the shopping experience.

Yahoo Mail has been a part of consumers’ lives for 25 years, so we know how important it is for people to quickly find what they need, whether it’s tomorrow’s flight departure time, a free trial of a mailing service, streaming video or how much was spent on a weekend getaway with friends,” said Josh Jacobson, general manager and senior vice president of Yahoo Communications. “These new features are the culmination of listening to our people to better understand what they need and what makes Yahoo Mail an integral part of it.

Email is a protocol that is not owned by any company.

Email has been a communication staple for decades and continues to be a popular option for both personal and professional use. One of the reasons email is superior to other messaging platforms is that it runs on open protocols without a CEO or non-profit organization. Throughout all the crazy things going on on Twitter, they have made me continue to believe that we need to refocus on open protocols.

Open protocols are standards that are publicly available and can be freely used by anyone. In the case of email, the most widely used open protocol is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). This protocol enables the sending and receiving of email messages between different systems and ensures that messages are delivered consistently and reliably.

Unlike many other messaging platforms, email is not tied to a specific provider, service, or company. This means that you can use any email provider that supports the SMTP protocol and can easily communicate between devices, services, companies, and more. It is fully interoperable. For the last ten years, companies have spent time investing in platforms they control, and I think the pendulum is swinging back to companies investing in open protocols. In a world where technology providers control so much of our lives, it is critical to refocus on protocols.

Done with new Yahoo Mail updates

In my opinion, email is superior to other messaging platforms because it runs on open protocols with no CEO or company behind it. Email is a protocol for communication just as HTTPS is a protocol for information. However, I do see value in creating new functionality on top of IMAP and SMTP. I’m glad to see companies like Yahoo, Spike, Spark, Two Bird and others layering functionality on top of open protocols rather than creating proprietary platforms to retain customers.

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