A God of War fan uses real-life QTE to work out in hilarious video

A God of War fan decides to upgrade his gym training with some inspiration from Kratos, making use of classic quick time events.

A God of War fan has made a training video inspired by the quick time events (QTE) that were so common in the original trilogy. Despite God of War has seen Kratos attempt to distance himself from the brutality of his past, fans still remember the devastating path of chaos he followed through the Greek pantheon.

Although he appeared less prominently in the two most recent installments of the series, each God of War Input has been known to include QTE for specific actions, where players must enter a series of inputs that correspond to different button prompts or quickly press a single one. It was a significant departure for the franchise, which had previously used QTE against larger enemies, minigames, and boss fights. An especially barbaric example was when Kratos slaughters Hermes, stopping him from running by cutting off his legs in what was once traditional God of War style.


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A video posted to Reddit, created by danny_lazarus, features a gym workout involving several different pieces of equipment, each with a QTE. A glowing, spinning circle hovers over a weight bench, just like God of War would indicate the start of a QTE, with a person waiting for the event to start. The screen freezes, giving viewers time to read “Press [the X button] to complete the training of the Gods”, which is then launched and requires a stick to be rotated. After the user leans back and raises the bar, the glowing circle returns, but this time it moves up and down continuously, which causes a quick mash for the workout to complete.

Interspersed throughout are moments where the art style of God of War is imitated, and the person exercising takes on the appearance of Kratos. Occurs while using Battle Ropes, which require consecutive left and right button inputs to work. The workout concludes with hammer curls as alternate square and circle control of each arm, which then makes use of “L3 + R3… God of War available”, to once again assume the form of Kratos and end a combo streak. with funny captions. .

A final popup writes “put the weights on now”, offering Kratos the important gym tag a bit too late, as the free weights were dropped moments before. Although these QTEs are no longer part of God of Warthose who remain have benefited from god of war ragnarokThe extensive accessibility features of . For anyone wanting to experience a more comfortable gaming experience, quick inputs can be modified to require holding, making those moments much easier on the hands.

god of war ragnarok is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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