Apple: AirDrop of iOS 16.2 for everyone is limited to 10 minutes. All over the world, not just for China

When Apple released the beta version of iOS 16.2 for China, there was a slight change to its use of AirDrop where people could only keep the “Everyone” option available for ten minutes and then switch back to “Contacts only.” Now, in its world-candidate version, this time limit applies to the world, and means that people can’t keep their AirDrop on to receive files and the like from random people all the time.

This change of AirDrop to ‘Everyone’ received massive criticism in China, especially since people can no longer keep it for their needs to disseminate information about their government.

Apple iOS 16.2: AirDrop for ‘Everyone’ only available for 10 minutes

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Apple is now rolling out iOS 16.2 Release Candidate for developers and early adopters, and one of the most significant changes here is for AirDrop of global iPhone and iPad users.

People can no longer keep their AirDrop available to “Everyone” at all times, since it has a time limit where it automatically turns off in 10 minutes and then needs manual access to turn it back on.

While this may not be a problem for some people, especially those who forget to turn off their AirDrop or switch to ‘Contacts Only’, some may find this change somewhat problematic for their devices.

There was no explanation from Apple regarding their decision on this feature, especially with their current setup for the Chinese market where they first rolled it out.

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Apple’s change in China is now a global observation

According to 9to5 Mac, the above change in China stems from its government’s alleged request to Apple to limit the AirDrop for Everyone feature to turn off at any given time.

Chinese protesters against their current government and President Xi Jinping use this Apple feature to spread information and other content to other iOS users.

Apple’s iOS 16 Releases and Features

The latest version of the operating system for iPhone and iPad is iOS 16, and Apple brought significant features here that change the way people use their company mobile devices. For those who are still clinging to iOS 15 and are thinking of upgrading to the current system, it may be time to do so to avoid any issues on their devices.

Despite having minimal UI and experience changes from iOS 16, there are still plenty of features to look forward to when using the latest operating system for your Apple devices.

One of its significant enhancements is with Camera Roll, where users can use iCloud’s Shared Album feature, where they can have a bank provided where other people can view it after capturing.

Also, the unique PassKeys feature for storing passwords and login credentials is an experience people are sticking with for the new operating system.

However, the latest change for IOS 16.2 changes the way people can access their AirDrop to receive files from, for example, a certain event where the organizers will deliver information via wireless transfer. It would require people to go back to their Settings or Control Center to activate their ‘Everyone’ receive feature every 10 minutes.

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