Apple’s mixed reality plans may include both xrOS and realityOS

Apple is expected to introduce its mixed reality headset in 2023, and we’ve heard a lot of rumors about it. That includes the name of the platform that powers the device called “realityOS.” However, recent reports have suggested that the platform might actually be called “xrOS”. It turns out that both names coexist internally.

The name “realityOS” right now seems like the most obvious choice after Apple registered it under a shell company. The company has also registered trademarks such as “Reality One”, “Reality Pro”, and “Reality Processor”, which makes the name “realityOS” sound perfect for these products.

But of course, we are talking about marketing terms, and these can be easily changed at any time before the launch of the product. In the past week, Bloomberg reported that Apple has set “xrOS” as the platform name for its new headphones. The name would be a reference to “extended reality”, which also makes sense considering the general idea of ​​integration between AR and VR.

reality OS or xrOS? Apple could be working on both

But what name will Apple choose? Are xrOS and realityOS the same thing? According to 9to5Mac sources, Apple has actually been using the name “xrOS” internally for something related to its new mixed reality products.

However, it appears that the company has two different AR/VR platforms, one based on iOS and the other based on macOS. It’s unclear at this point if the platforms serve different purposes or if Apple has been experimenting with both. But what we’ve heard is that “realityOS” is what the company’s engineers have been calling the iOS-based platform, and “xrOS” would be the macOS-based platform.

Information reported in 2021 that the first version of the headphones would likely work similar to the first version of the Apple Watch, which required having the iPhone nearby all the time, since most of the processing was done on the phone and not on the watch. . With this in mind, one of these platforms could easily be the one that requires another Apple device to function, while the other works independently.

xrOS could even run on a new companion device made exclusively to control Apple headphones.

More about Apple’s mixed reality headset

According to some leaked mockups, the design of Apple’s mixed reality headset will be heavily inspired by the AirPods Max and Apple Watch. Since this is a device meant to be immersive, it is expected to feature two 8K OLED displays, as well as advanced sensors for gesture and environment detection.

Due to its complexity and cutting-edge technologies, the product is expected to cost between $1,000 and $3,000. However, it is not clear when exactly Apple will introduce its new headphones.

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