Cradle, Complete Human Network to introduce iOS Developer Academy

  • Aims to produce 10,000 coders and developers by 2030
  • Focused initiative aimed at building the local developer community.

Crib Fund Sdn. Bhd, an agency of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Complete Human Network (CHN) as part of MYStartup’s vision to prepare startups to scale and grow.

In a statement, the agency said that this collaboration will be the starting point for MYStartup to offer a developer-focused initiative and provide affordable hardware and iOS certification under the iOS Developer Academy to the local developer community.

He said that MYStartup, an initiative of MOSTI and Cradle, ensures that startups receive comprehensive guidance and support.

Additionally, you’ll see the iOS Developer Academy as it offers custom products for developers in its startup community, the agency added.

He said the academy will provide an avenue for aspiring entrepreneurs and developers to learn about new technologies, tools and frameworks to create innovative applications and differentiate the platform using the thriving Apple iOS connection network.

Cradle reiterated that MYStartup’s vision is to nurture and support Malaysian tech startups in creating and developing innovative applications to set them up for success in the booming digital economy.

As part of the programme, seminars from basic courses to more intensive courses will be organized regularly for the local start-up community, he said.

Through this initiative, MYStartup aims to produce 10,000 coders and developers by 2030, he added.

According to Cradle, the community will not only have the opportunity to learn about the big picture of app development, but also delve into more technical details, such as the correlation between design, user experience, user adoption, and connect the two topics. to explore how they might ultimately take advantage of any underlying platform when developing apps.

He said the curriculum aims to provide hands-on learning opportunities and close collaboration with mentors throughout the program, encouraging entrepreneurs to design inclusively and have a positive impact on the world.

To support the growth of startups, both CHN and MYStartup will add value by subsidizing hardware and software solutions for these startups to help them power their best work everywhere.

Norman Matthieu Vanhaecke, the group’s interim CEO, Cradle said the partnership between Cradle and CHN is furthering MYStartup’s vision of bringing the iOS Developer Academy to Malaysia.

“We hope that through this collaboration we can provide a solid foundation in app development for the MYStartup community.

“The Academy is not simply about learning the basics of building apps, it is about breaking down barriers and encouraging entrepreneurs to get out of their comfort zone and leap forward in their startup careers,” he said. Vanhaecke.

Teh Chai Peng, Founder and CEO of CHN, said that he is delighted to collaborate with Cradle to launch the iOS Developer Academy.

“This is an important part of our plan to inspire, build and support Malaysia’s future leaders, developers and entrepreneurs.”

“We can’t wait to see how startups will benefit from this, using their creativity and development skills to build new businesses and create world-changing apps.

“With this academy, Malaysia is well positioned as the global and Asia Pacific hub for developing iOS talent.” he said she.

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