Pokémon GO: Poliwrath Raid Guide

Legendary and Mega Battle Raids can get most of the attention in Pokémon GO, but there is often a lot of value to be gained from smaller Battle Raids as well. The one- and three-star Battle Raids still offer players the chance to score some great item rewards and guaranteed encounters with some powerful Pokemon that can help build a respectable PvP and PvE collection.

Tier 3 raid bosses can often be used alone in Pokémon GO, but only if players understand the boss’s weaknesses and put together a list of strategic counters. Each Pokémon has its own strengths and weaknesses, and part of preparing for an effective Battle Raid means studying those weaknesses and putting together a respectable counter list. Trainers preparing to take on a boss like Poliwrath will need to be aware of some major weaknesses and resistances.


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Poliwrath’s unique Water and Fighting-type pairing gives players plenty of options to consider as they put together a list of counters for battle. The pokemon has a long list of weaknesses, so hopefully any trainer can put together a list of strong counters for the fight. Although Tier 3 Battle Raids aren’t as challenging as Legendary and Mega matchups, trainers may still want to take the time to spend Stardust, Candy, and Elite TM to get everything in order before the fight.

Poliwrath Weaknesses

This Tier 3 Battle Raid boss is a Fighting and Water type, which means it Poliwrath is weak against Electric, Flying, Psychic, Grass, and Fairy-type moves..

Poliwrath Resistances (Avoid them!)

Poliwrath is resistant to Bug, Dark, Fire, Ice, Rock, Steel, and Water types. attacks. Players should avoid putting Pokemon that rely on those types of moves into their lineup.

Poliwrath’s Best Counters

Alakazam (Mega) – Confusion/Psychic

Mewtwo – Confusion/Psystrike

Slowbro (Mega) – Confusion/Psychic

Hoopa (Unbound) – Confusion/Psychic

Kartana – Razor Blade/Blade Blade

Xurkitree – Thunder Shock/Power Whip

Lunala – Confusion/Psychic

Zekrom – Charge Beam/Wild Charge

Articuno (Galarian) – Psycho Cut/Brave Bird

Thundurus (Therian) – Volt Switch/Thunderbolt

Moltres – Wing Attack/Sky Attack

Zarude – Vine Whip/ Power Whip

Deoxys – Zen Headbutt/Zap Cannon

Tapu Lele – Confusion/Future Sight

Putting together a list of counters based on those suggestions should be all it takes to take down Poliwrath in level three Battle Raids. Make sure you stick to the recommended types of counterattacks and go into battle with enough allies to help out and win that attempt at victory. High level players with the best counters can technically play solo with this tier three raid boss, but players who want to play it safe should enter the fight with one or three friends to ensure a successful battle.

Be sure to check back in the near future for much more. Pokémon GO strategy guides, news and updates. Until then, good luck, Trainers!

Pokémon GO is now available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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