PS5 update finally adds PlayStation tournaments

Starting today, PS5 players can compete in tournaments right from their console for a chance to win some exciting prizes.

On November 29, PlayStation announced that ps5 players can participate in official video game tournaments through a new console feature that launched this week. As part of the feature’s launch, PS5 players will also be able to compete in up to three supported games to win limited-time PlayStation cash and peripherals.

Between the upcoming PS Plus games for December and the new collectible rewards added through redeeming PlayStation Stars points, the buzz around Sony’s console continues to grow. Even though it’s still hard to find after two years on the market, PS5 inventories are slowly but steadily becoming more available to customers through PlayStation Direct and other reputable retailers. Those who currently own a PS5 will have plenty to spend their time with through the features and events the console can host.


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Starting December 1 and running through January 31, PS5 players can participate in tournaments on Guilty Gear Effort, nba 2k23, either fifa23 right from your console and compete in the Win-A-Thon tournament program. The show was created to celebrate the launch of the tournaments feature on PS5. The best players per region will win prizes including cash, a new DualSense Edge controller or a Pulse 3D headset. According to Win-A-Thon rules, the top eight players in Guilty Gear Effort will get a DualSense Edge controller, while those ranked 9-16 in a given region will get a Pulse 3D headset.

In addition, there will be more prizes available for Guilty Gear Effort players who excel on the battlefield. At a later date, the “GHelpful team effort: Win-A-Thon Final”. Eligible players who place in the top 64 of their regional leaderboard will be invited to participate in a traditional bracket-style tournament for more cash prizes. However, to participate in all these tournaments, all potential players must be 18 years or older and have an active PlayStation Plus membership of any level.The Win-A-Thon is not available in Japan, Croatia, Argentina, Turkey, Russia, North Korea and Malta .

To further facilitate the tournament feature, Playstation also announced the launch of a new community Discord server dedicated to PlayStation tournaments. Earlier this year, it was reported that both the PS4 and PS5 would receive Discord integration in future console firmware updates. Whether or not the timing of this Discord server has anything to do with a potential integration remains to be seen. PlayStation stated at the close that more games and tournaments will be added to the feature over time. In the meantime, PS5 players looking to test their skills can check out PlayStation Tournaments and see how they stack up against the competition in the field of their choice.

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Source: PlayStation.Blog

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