The Coalition Assisting Undead Labs State of Decay 3 Talks AAA Development Complication

the state of decay The franchise is an underrated classic of Xbox’s modern first-party offerings. Released in 2013, state of decay It was the first Undead Labs title, and it was quite a debut. Capitalizing on the zombie hype just before its steep decline in the mid-2010s, the first state of decay It was a great survival game that quickly became one of the best Xbox Live Arcade titles. a sequel, Decay State 2, released in 2018. and although it was not as well received, it became a standout title in the early days of Xbox Game Pass. A few years later, Undead Labs is hard at work on the next game in the series, Decay state 3which seems to be a much bigger and more difficult project for the studio, based on The Coalition’s involvement.


Weather state of decay two it was a big step up from its predecessor in terms of visuals, mechanics and range, Decay state 3 seems to be pushing the study to its limits. In fact, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty has recently confirmed that Undead Labs is being assisted by Gears of war developer The Coalition in Decay state 3which highlights how complicated modern development really is.

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State of Decay 3 shows just how complex modern development is

After Decay State 2 released, Microsoft acquired Undead Labs, adding it to its ever-growing list of first-party studios. The studio immediately began work on a third installment in the series, with some developers still working on updates to Decay State 2. At the time, some fans were a bit confused about the acquisition, as Undead Labs was only known to work on state of decay, which had been a pretty hit-or-miss series up to that point. But all these years later, it seems like that was the best move for the studio, as other first-party development teams can now work alongside Undead Labs to help create their next project.

In a recent interview with the head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, he mentions that The Coalition is currently helping Undead Labs with the development of Decay state 3, stating that Xbox wants the sequel to “compete visually” and to do so, it needs a little help from another studio of its own. Booty also mentioned that The Coalition is not just helping Undead Labs, but is actually working with Xbox’s own development teams, teaching them how to use Unreal Engine 5 and apparently bringing back mechanics from Gears of war series to better help those games.

Undead Labs needs help from The Coalition for Decay state 3 it only serves to cement how difficult and complex modern game development really is. Gone are the days when a bureau of eager developers could make a AAA game in just a few months. Now, even their own studios need the help of bigger and more experienced development teams. With games getting bigger and better than ever before, AAA developers need to evolve and grow along with their projects.

It’s getting harder and harder to develop AAA games that live up to expectations in a short amount of time, so gamers should expect to see more collaborations like Undead Labs and The Coalition in the near future. Combining teams not only helps a project get done on time, but also ensures a higher level of quality, as more experienced studios get to pick exactly what works and what doesn’t. Game design has always been a tough job, but with expectations growing every year, developers may need to come together more to get the job done.

Decay state 3 is in development.

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