Teases Dragon Ball Creator Akira Toriyama’s Sand Land Project

Bandai Namco Entertainment teases an upcoming Sand Land Project reveal, based on the manga by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama.

A teaser trailer for sand land project of Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama has been released by Namco Bandai Entertainment. Details about the trailer are extremely limited, but anything related to Toriyama is sure to catch the eye of fans of his manga. Also, Bandai Namco promises to share more information soon. Still, considering the sand land Due to the age of the manga and its short release, a Bandai Namco project based on it is certainly a surprise.

sand land, for those unfamiliar, is a manga written by Akira Toriyama in 2000. It ran in Weekly Shonen Jump for only four months, though it was always intended to be a short story. It is a land devastated by natural disasters and war, where water is scarce. A ragtag crew decides to search for more water, but faces the wrath of the tyrannical king of the land and his army. In particular, Toriyama wanted to tell a story about a man and a tank, but he became frustrated with the book because the tank was too difficult to draw.


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Bandai Namco’s sneak peek for sand land project reveals very little. The trailer shows one of the manga’s main protagonists, Beezelbub, the prince of the underworld, standing in the desert pondering why the world has become the way it is. Otherwise, Bandai Namco just says that it plans to introduce everyone to the “world, characters, and vehicles of sand landcreated by Toriyama. A complete announcement for sand land project It is scheduled for December 17.

What makes the revelation of sand land project so mysterious is that Bandai Namco doesn’t actually outright state that a game is in the works. It is simply known as a project. The trailer does not appear to hint at any gameplay or in-game assets. it’s hard to imagine sand land project being more than just a game, but possibly an animation or interactive story of some kind.

Given the popularity of Dragon Ballit’s easy to see how sand land project could succeed regardless of what it is. Linking Akira Toriyama’s name to the project is guaranteed to attract at least some attention. However, not all previous games associated with Toriyama have become instant hits. the Tobal fighting game series Blue Dragon stand out as examples. sand land project it will have to stand out on its own.

Whatever sand land project Meaning, fans of Toriyama’s work won’t have to wait long for more information. More details will be shared on December 17, in just over a week. Supposedly, Bandai Namco will share a trailer or video of some kind, as there is no specific event or presentation for the sand land project reveal is mentioned.

sand land project It is in process.

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