Twitter Blue costs more on iOS when it returns

Once Twitter account CEO Elon Musks revamped Blue, it could come with different pricing options depending on which platform you buy it on. On iOS, users can expect a higher fee.

According to The Information’s report (via The Verge), Twitter will charge $11/month USD on iOS and $7 per person who signs up for Blue. That converts to around $14.93 and $9.50 in CAD, but that doesn’t mean Blue will cost much in Canada. Twitter Blue cost $99 in Canada and $99 in the United States.

This is not the case with Musk’s recent Twitter tirade looking for a clue. As Apple charges that Apple hates speech and threatens to remove Twitter from the App Store, Musk posted about Apple’s 30 percent revenue cut and tweeted and then deleted a meme about what was going to happen to the company over the 30 percent fee. . (Musk, who later met Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, admitted that Apple never thought of removing Twitter.

While we don’t know if the price difference is due to Apple’s App Store fees, it would be a safe bet. There were also reports that Musk delayed the relaunch of Twitter Blue to avoid Buckingham Palace costs.

The information doesn’t detail Blue’s pricing on Android, but it would likely follow the same pattern as iOS, as Google cut back on Play Store purchases as well.

You can keep up with the ongoing Musk and Twitter saga here.

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