Dead by Daylight current meta has serious problems

dead by daylight prides itself on being an ever-evolving game, making use of the live service model to constantly bring new content, including new maps, new Survivors, and new Killers. With these additions come all-new perks that promise to be a game changer by providing Survivors and Killers with a variety of new abilities that can help them achieve victory. However, with such an evolved game, dead by daylight it also needs frequent balance updates to ensure the game remains fair, and it seems the current patch isn’t up to everyone’s standards.


In July 2022, dead by daylight received a big update in patch 6.1. This patch significantly shook up the META of the game, buffing and nerfing many Killer and Survivor buffs that were commonly up for grabs. On the Survivor side, many second chance buffs like Decisive Strike and Dead Hard saw huge reductions to their efficiency, and Killers saw nerfs to passive generator regression buffs like Hex: Ruin.

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One of the few perks that received a buff in that patch was Eruption, a perk that belongs to resident demon‘s Nemesis, allowing Killers to inflict the Incapacitated status ailment on Survivors working on kicked generators when another Survivor is downed. Whereas previously Eruption blew up the generator by 6% and disabled Survivors for 16 seconds, the upgraded Eruption causes generators to lose 10% and incapacitates Survivors for 30 seconds.

While 30 seconds might not seem like a long time, given that the generators can be completed on a 90 second base on dead by daylightSurvivors can be forced to see almost half of their generator progress disappear, unable to even heal or cleanse totems, after a Survivor is downed.

In a Hens video, a professional dead by daylight player, showcase the power of the new Killer meta, appropriately titled the Genlock meta. As Hens shows, Eruption, combined with other regression perks like The Doctor’s “Overcharge” and The Onryo’s “Call of Brine”, allow the Killer to essentially hold a game hostage protecting a “three generations”.

Three genning is when the Survivors are forced to complete one of the three generators in close proximity to each other. This is an especially deadly situation to get into, regardless of the Killer perks, as it gives Killers an easy set of generators to protect, leaving Survivors with little to no time to finish them off, especially if the Killer does not agree to pursue them. This is particularly oppressive on the smallest dead by daylight maps like Dead Dawg Saloon. As Hens demonstrates, with the new meta, Killers can immediately force Survivors into a third generation by routinely kicking generators, applying three regression buffs in a single move, and finding nearby Survivors with The Knight’s new “Nowhere” buff. to Hide”.

While Eruption is technically avoidable in games where survivors can tell their teammates when they’re about to be taken down, for survivors solo queued or not communicating via third-party apps, this new meta it is a frustrating war of attrition. Instead of focusing the game on running and hiding from the Killer, dead by daylight it has become a game about protecting and completing generators.

With such an oppressive metagame, survivors are always encouraged to bring powerful toolboxes and buffs that speed up spawner completion to reduce the likelihood of a third spawn. However, these survivor-side abilities make protecting generators without Eruption and Call of Brine nearly impossible, further encouraging assassins to protect generators before committing to manhunts. These issues are only accentuated by the rocky launch of the Forged in Fog DLC ​​chapter. As Behavior Interactive has shown interest in audience feedback over the past few months, players can expect more changes to come. dead by daylight to ensure that it remains a fun and balanced game.

dead by daylight It is currently available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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