Every celebrity in Crime Boss: Rockay City

The Game Awards are always one of the most impressive events in gaming, and this year’s ceremony certainly did not disappoint. Despite claiming that this year’s Game Awards would be a bit smaller, Geoff Keighley pulled some pretty awesome announcements out of the bag, with death stranding 2, Hades 2Y Star Wars Jedi: Survivor being just some of the highlights. But hidden among the sea of ​​advertisements was a strange looking headline, Crime Boss: Rockay City.


Developed by Ingame Studios and 505 Games, along with Epic Games, Summit Boss: Rockay City is the latest in a long line of gta Y saints row competitors, but this one might have a chance to break through. A first-person shooter that tasks players with creating their own criminal organization in a seemingly Miami-themed location. Crime Boss: Rockay City seems a bit generic on the surface, but its star-studded cast is sure to turn heads.

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Every Celebrity in the Crime Boss: Rockay City Trailer

During their announcement, 505 Games claimed that Crime Boss: Rockay City it will feature a cast of “90s heroes,” and its debut trailer certainly cemented that. In Crime Boss: Rockay City, players will take on the role of Travis Baker, an up-and-coming newcomer to the world of crime, played by beloved crime movie star Michael Madsen. Players will know Madsen best from his role in Tarantino reserve dogs. As Baker, players will be able to build their own criminal empire from the ground up, hand-picking enforcers and other gang members. And players have a huge roster of characters to choose from.

After showing Michael Madsen, Crime Boss: Rockay CityThe debut trailer for then fast-forwards through the rest of the game’s prestigious cast list, starting with Kim Basinger. A model-turned-actress, Basinger is best known for her role as never say never againDomino Petachi’s Bond girl. DC fans will also recognize it as 1989. bat ManIt’s Vicky Vale. Here, she’s playing Casey, who seems to be in a position of power herself, potentially owning a nightclub from the looks of things.

Next up is Damion Poitier, a name fans might not immediately recognize. While Poitier isn’t one of gaming’s “90s heroes”, he has worked in the gaming industry for a long time, providing motion capture voice work in both the Payday Y aura Serie. Poitier plays Nasara, who appears to be some sort of pilot. Danny Trejo plays The Dragon, which is probably an archetypal character that Trejo has played many times before. lethal weaponDanny Glover plays Gloves, who appears to be an experienced police officer, probably one who’s “getting too old for this shit.” Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Michael Rooker is playing Touchdown, who appears to be a rather twisted enforcer-type character. Vanilla Ice has somehow reared its head again, playing a rapper named Ice. And completing the cast is none other than Chuck Norris himself, who seems to be playing a tough Sheriff.

Based purely on this trailer and 505 Games’ description that these are all meant to be “90s heroes”, it seems pretty likely that Crime Boss: Rockay City it will have a strong ironic tone. It seems a safe bet to assume that the vast majority of characters in crime boss they will be stereotypical archetypes, likely resembling the characters actors are most famous for playing. Glover, for example, plays an old cop, Madsen plays a hardened criminal, and Vanilla Ice seems like a cocky pop artist. I wish Crime Boss: Rockay City you can nail such a difficult pitch and keep it consistent and entertaining throughout the game.

Crime Boss: Rockay City launches on March 28, 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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