Fire Emblem Engage Gives An Overview Of The New Island Soranel Base Of Operations

A new Fire Emblem Engage video provides a detailed overview of the game’s new base of operations, Soranel, which contains a number of activities.

A recent video of Fire Emblem Engage gives a very extensive look at the game’s new central island, Soranel. The nearly seven-minute video focuses squarely on the number of activities the player can do here, with this being the main area the player will visit between missions. Soranel is a floating island above the Holy Land of Lythos, one of the nations in Fire Emblem Engage.

This is very similar to Garreg Mach’s expansive hub that was introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. For example, the entrance contains many things that can help prepare for upcoming battles, such as the arsenal to buy weapons. More items and tools will be added to these shops as the player progresses through the story of Fire Emblem Engage. There is also a shop for accessories and clothing, where players can dress up their units in a variety of costumes.


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This video also goes over some systems in Fire Emblem Engage who can help the player in a variety of ways. One is an area in the game where players can summon the spirits of others. fire emblem characters who are not lords and imbue them in rings. These act as stat boosters, which can be forged into stronger variations. There is also a training area, where players can take on two units of their army in one-on-one fights, which can help them level up. There also seems to be a set of maps the player can take on that are unconnected to the main quest, granting some rewards upon completion.

The other half of the overview video includes a number of social activities the player can participate in that involve the characters they recruit. Some can be seen swimming, singing, or waiting in town for the player to participate in Soranel. There’s also a cafeteria area, a tea time mode, lost items, and even fishing, reminiscent of three houses‘ social activities during their days off.

The last few minutes focus on the mini-games and other activities that can be found in Fire Emblem Engage. This includes an area where the player can scan their amiibo for special bonuses, along with a pet breeding simulator. There also appears to be a minigame where the protagonist can don a modern tracksuit and sweatpants to do fitness training, along with one where the player flies through the sky and shoots at targets. Once a player has run out of time, he can advance to the next day by going back to his bed and sleeping.

Fire Emblem Engage will arrive on Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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