God of War Ragnarok Actor Kratos Almost Quit the Game

During his Game Awards acceptance speech, God of War Ragnarok Kratos actor Christopher Judge reveals that he nearly quit the game.

god of war ragnarok Actor Christopher Judge has revealed that he almost stopped playing Kratos. Christopher Judge’s performances as Kratos in 2018 God of War game and in god of war ragnarok have garnered widespread critical acclaim, with Judge taking home the Game Award for Best Performance in the latest iteration of the show.

Judge has appeared in movies, television, and video games for decades. His first role in a video game was as D-Mob in the Def Jam Vendetta series, but would go on to play a number of different video game characters over the years, including Black Panther in the marvel avengers live service game. However, Judge’s most iconic role is easily Kratos in the new God of War games, as it successfully brought complex nuance and layers to a character that had been rather monotonous up to that point.


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At The Game Awards 2022, Judge received the award for Best Performance from veteran film actor Al Pacino. During his acceptance speech, Judge revealed that he almost gave up playing Kratos in god of war ragnarok after learning that Cory Barlog would not be running the game. Judge said he “literally quit,” but then Barlog responded by god of war ragnarok director Eric Williams. “I said, ‘Eric Williams better be a beast.’ Eric Williams is a fucking beast,” Judge said. Here’s Judge’s speech (the video title incorrectly states that Atreus actor Sunny Suljic won the award):

After Barlog directed the award-winning 2018 God of War game, there were many who were understandably skeptical about someone else at Sony Santa Monica being given the reins to god of war ragnarokbut it’s safe to say that Williams lived up to the hype. god of war ragnarok the revisions were almost the same as in 2018 God of War game, and so far the second highest rated video game release of 2022, just behind FromSoftware elden ring.

elden ring is the highest-rated new game of 2022 and won the coveted Game of the Year award, but god of war ragnarok he still turned in an incredible performance at the event, taking home six awards in total. In addition to the aforementioned award for Best Performance won by Christopher Judge, ragnarok it also won awards for Best Narrative, Best Score and Music, Best Audio Design, Accessibility Innovation, and Best Action/Adventure Game.

Needless to say, the bar has been set incredibly high by god of war ragnarok, and it will be interesting to see how Santa Monica tops it. While god of war ragnarok was a cross-gen release, the next game in the series will likely be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, so one has to imagine that it will be an even bigger leap forward.

god of war ragnarok is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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