Google Chrome adds memory saving mode to Windows, MacOS and Chrome OS

An update to Google Chrome introduces Memory Saver Mode for better RAM management, a new performance setting.

Google Chrome’s memory usage can be high, especially when many tabs are open. One of the most RAM-crazed browsers is Chrome, however, Google has recently added enhancements including the ability to automatically sleep inactive tabs and clear memory.

Chrome 108 has been updated with memory and power saving modes and Google has claimed that these additions will improve performance and battery life. The update will also come on Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS.

Chrome can now disable tabs that are inactive to save memory while keeping active tabs running optimally.

Your inactive tabs will still be accessible. An inactive tab will immediately reload when you resume it, according to the support website.

You can access the new mode by going to Chrome settings, selecting Performance, and turning Memory saver on or off. In addition, you have the option to always keep some websites active. Please note that you cannot modify the performance of Chrome on iOS or Android devices.

To increase your device’s battery life, Chrome will also reduce other background operations and image capture rates. According to Google, the feature kicks in automatically whenever the device’s battery is low while it’s not plugged in for charging or when Energy Saver is turned on.

Also, you can get to this option by going to Chrome settings, selecting Performance, and then turning Power saving on or off. Google recommends using the mode for a long trip or flight to extend battery life, but warns that you may notice changes in gaming and video performance when power saving mode is active.

More than 65 percent of Internet users still prefer Google Chrome over other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari, making it the most widely used browser in the world. The latest update to the Chrome search bar added three new shortcuts for a better browsing experience.

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