How to Get Infinite Goth in Tactics Ogre: Reborn

Money is hard to come by in Tactics Ogre: Reborn, but there is an easy way to get rich quick and easy with gothic farming.

Money is often tight in Ogre Tactics: Reborn. You only get it through story events, story battles, and side quests. You don’t get goth, the in-game currency, during training matches, though they still give you experience points. This causes a big problem because almost everything you need in the game costs money, including magic spells and crafting components.

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If you’re playing Tactics Ogre: Reborn fairly, you really need to consider what gear you’ll buy and how you’ll use items on the battlefield so you don’t go broke too quickly. However, there is a simple way to give yourself infinite goth and erase any money problems. Follow the easy steps below and you’ll be Scrooge McDuck dipping into a ton of cash in no time.


When can you start farming gold?

Chapter 2 Tactics Ogre Reborn Title Card

Exploiting this cheat requires you to unlock crafting. This is not an option until you clear Chapter 1which ends in the game’s first big and shocking decision that changes the course of the plot.

Once you unlock crafting, you need to buy the recipes from the shop. Depending on your skill level, it takes between five and eight hours to reach this point. Until then, you’ll have to make do with what the game gives you, but this first chapter isn’t too difficult, so you shouldn’t have much trouble getting through it.

How to mine infinite gold crafting

Petridart Ogre Reborn Tactics Blowgun Making

Crafting is simplified in this remaster. Unlike the luck-based system in the original game, it always succeeds, and you can automatically purchase components to craft before crafting a new item. Many gothic weapons sell for more than they cost to all you have to do is wear your current gothic style to Craft as many of that item as possible and then sell them for profit in the same shop.

Sell ​​Petridart Blowpipe Tactics Ogre Reborn

Then, repeat the process as many times as necessary. In the images, we use the Petridart blowpipe, but this cheat works with many different weapons.

Why is it important to have infinite gold?

tactics ogre reborn battle mage

Not having to worry about money gives you a distinct advantage in battle.. Not only can you always buy the most up-to-date gear, but you can also keep an endless supply of healing items in your inventory. When you progress enough in the game, Mending Essence fully replenishes your HP without costing any MP while most healing magic doesn’t even come close to fully restoring health.

The other advantage is that any class can use items, so now each unit has the ability to fully restore a party member’s HP or revive them with a Blessing Stone. This is absolutely invaluable during subsequent battles.

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