iPhone app users will be charged $11 for Twitter Blue Mark

iPhone app users will be charged $11 for Twitter Blue Mark

WASHINGTON- Twitter Inc. plans to change the price of its Twitter Blue subscription product to $11, from $7.99 if paid through its iPhone app and $7 if paid on the website, Information reported on Wednesday, citing to a person informed about the plans

The move was likely a setback against Apple Inc’s 30 percent cut on any payments made by users through apps on the iOS operating system, according to the report.

The lower price on the website is also likely to drive more users to that platform instead of signing up on their iPhones, according to the report. He did not mention whether the pricing c

Hange for Android platform too.

Musk, who took ownership of Twitter in October, plans to roll out the verified service of the microblogging site with different colored checks for individuals, businesses and governments after a botched initial launch led to a surge in users posing as celebrities. and marks on the site. platform.

Twitter, Apple and Google, which owns the Android operating system, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Musk, in a series of tweets last week, listed several complaints with Apple, including the 30 percent fee the iPhone maker charges software developers for in-app purchases.

He also posted a meme suggesting he was willing to “go to war” with Apple instead of paying the commission.

Musk then met with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the company’s headquarters and later tweeted that the misunderstanding over Twitter’s removal from Apple’s app store has been resolved.


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