State of Decay 3 should avoid generic zombie tropes

State of Decay 3 should avoid using popular tropes found in other zombie fiction to help subvert expectations for an anticipated sequel.

Decay state 3 is being developed by the now-veteran team at Undead Labs, and is sure to improve upon the previous two titles in the series. While it never reached the heights of Valve’s Left 4 Dead Y 4 remain dead 2undead lab state of decay and its sequel have earned a cult following, and only time will tell if Decay state 3 It could be from Undead Lab halo 3. Still, it would be refreshing to Decay state 3 to avoid the use of already popular zombie tropes in the future.


First state of decay is an open world zombie sandbox where the player finds and develops strongholds that recruit survivors. These bases act as the few remaining safe zones for humans to gather and live in, and the player helps maintain these bases by scavenging for food, supplies, and weapons in the open world. Decay State 2 does much of the same but expands state of decayThe basic formula of giving players regular updates over the years. It currently has 32 updates under its belt, and each one adds something, from new weapons and zombies to complete graphics and system overhauls. To stand out, the third entry will have to go in a big and bold direction of its own.

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What State of Decay 3 can do with the help of The Coalition


Decay state 3 is currently in a quiet stage of development, with Undead Labs not releasing much new on the anticipated third title despite dedicated updates for Decay State 2 release every few months. Players received a pre-rendered trailer announcing Decay state 3 during an Xbox Games Showcase in 2020, which showed a survivor in the frozen, snowy wilderness hunting wildlife that prompted a glimpse of a zombified deer eating a wolf’s carcass. This was a unique evolution of the zombie trope, especially within the state of decay franchise.

However, only a few things have come up in the years since for the public to know about. Decay state 3 it is working. Undead Labs is working with Gears of war developer The Coalition to bring the third game to Unreal Engine 5, and hopefully some of that new tech is being used to further push the zombie angle. The whole concept of zombies and their impact on video games is pretty well developed at this point and needs its own revision.

State of Decay 3 Doesn’t Need Staggering, Brainless Zombies

State of Decay franchise

The first two state of decay the games did an excellent job showcasing standard zombie tropes: slow zombies, fast zombies, and special zombies with deadly abilities. Those weren’t the only tropes in play, as zombies would seemingly die from any head trauma while acting quite unconsciously. Yes Decay state 3 can iterate on these tropes and include new ways to kill zombies that break the current design mold, Undead Labs could have a bestseller on its hands.

Based on the Decay state 3 cinematic trailer, Undead Labs should redouble their efforts to spread the infection to all aspects of wildlife. Making something other than humans a potential zombified threat could quickly expand the gameplay and tension of exploration into the great outdoors. Similarly, zombified humans and animals that gain intelligence through infection could create more unpredictable encounters. By avoiding classic zombie tropes, the refreshingly emerging game would surely elevate State of decomposition 3. Perhaps by 2023, Undead Labs will have more to share with fans.

Decay state 3 is currently in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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