The official game awards clip for the winner of the best performance has a strange error

The Game Awards 2022 uploads an official clip of Christopher Judge winning Best Performance, but there’s a major bug that has yet to be fixed.

The game prizes 2022Official clip showing the moment. god of war ragnarok Kratos actor Christopher Judge won Best Performance and includes a rather bizarre blunder that has fans confused. The Game Awards 2022 took place on December 8, honoring the best video games, performances, developers, and more for 2022. The event was a huge success, though it wasn’t without controversy.

Going into The Game Awards 2022, there was a huge conflict between genshin impact Y sonic frontiers fans, leading to online toxicity, intimidation, and accusations from both sides of using bots to inflate votes. At the show itself, someone sneaked onto the stage at the end of the event and made an odd reference to former US President Bill Clinton. And now The Game Awards YouTube channel is causing some fans to scratch their heads due to a strange bug that has yet to be fixed.


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Right now, if you go to the official Game Awards YouTube channel and navigate to the clip that was uploaded showing Christopher Judge winning Best Performance, you’ll notice a weird bug. The title of the video reads Sunny Suljic, who played Judge’s son Atreus in god of war ragnarok, won the award for Best Performance. The video description also says that Sunny Suljic won the award instead of Christopher Judge.

While this could be a simple mistake, some have pointed to it as evidence that The Game Awards is having an “Oscar moment,” referencing the situation in 2017 when the Best Picture award was accidentally awarded to the the earth when it was really meant to Moonlight. The implication is that the winner of the award was actually meant to be Sunny Suljic, but that judge gave it to her in error. There isn’t much evidence behind this conspiracy theory beyond the mistake in the video title and description, but it’s an interesting thing to think about, and it’s strange that it still hasn’t been fixed two days after The Game Awards. has concluded.

Suljic didn’t win Best Performance at this year’s event, but you have to imagine he’ll get another chance in the future. Presumably, Suljic will continue to play Atreus in the God of War the games move on, and it seems likely that a future game will even put him in the starring role ahead of Kratos. With god of war ragnarok However, as it was only recently released, fans will have to wait quite a while before learning more about what the future of the series has in store.

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