Twitter Blue will relaunch on Monday priced at $11 per month on iOS

After a failed first paid account verification attempt, Twitter will start rolling out its renewed Blue subscription on December 12, the company announced on saturday. Twitter originally launched blue verification for iOS devices in early November for $8 per month, but the company halted the rollout after the platform was overrun by verified trolls. On Saturday, the company also confirmed that the service will cost $11 per month when users sign up directly through its iOS app. On the web, the subscription will cost $8 per month.

In addition, the company says it has implemented new measures to prevent a repeat of what happened last month. To get started, users who want to display a blue check mark on their profile will need to register with a phone number after signing up for the service. Twitter says subscribers can change their handle, display name and profile photo after getting verified status, but the company will temporarily remove their blue check mark while they review their account again.


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