Uber and Uber Eats launch highly anticipated live activities

Uber and Uber Eats are rolling out live activity support, allowing riders to track their orders from the lock screen and dynamic island.

uber and Uber Eats are slowly rolling out their activities live to iOS users 16 months after their offers were showcased at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2022. The company completely redesigned the lock screen with its latest version of iOS, allowing users to customize their experience with widgets. That made more information available at a glance, but the changes didn’t stop there. Apple announced Live Activities at WWDC, a feature that introduced comprehensive lock screen widgets and Dynamic Island to display time-sensitive information.


Uber was touted as one of the best implementations of Live Activities on the lock screen in iOS 16. While the new lock screen may display small widgets below the date and time, these options remain on the lock screen throughout. moment. That’s a great way to see weather or fitness information, but it’s not the best way to display information from Uber and Uber Eats. Users want to see this information when they place an order and should keep a close eye on it. Live Activities are designed to appear when users need them and disappear when they don’t, making them a great choice for displaying temporary and time-sensitive data.

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Despite being one of the first apps to be unveiled at WWDC, Uber and Uber Eats weren’t the first to release Live Activities for iOS 16. The feature debuted with iOS 16.1, and a host of apps introduced support for Live Activities within one week from launch. function launch. Weeks later, Uber and Uber Eats are slowly rolling out their live activities for users, as detected by Twitter and Reddit users on December 8. These reports were corroborated by 9 to 5 mac, but Uber or Uber Eats have not made an official confirmation of the launch at this time.

How Uber Live Activities Work in iOS 16

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Uber’s version of Live Activities, when enabled, kicks in as soon as a ride is requested or a delivery order is placed. The Uber app will show the progress of the current trip as a person reaches their destination. It will display the driver’s progress to the pickup location while the customer is waiting for their ride and will display their expected ETA along with this information. After the Uber driver picks up a person, the Live Activities feature will show the driver’s route with a dynamic progress bar. Additionally, the expected ETA will change as external factors such as traffic and weather conditions evolve.

For the Uber Eats app, the progress of a customer’s order will be displayed in the Live Activities feature. As the order progresses, the information will change on the lock screen or in the dynamic island. Although the Uber app and Uber Eats use Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max models, limited information can be viewed on the island. After expanding Dynamic Island with a long press, the full live activity widget will be displayed.

Not all users will immediately be able to access Live Activities for Uber and Uber Eats as the company is rolling out a soft rollout. However, they can enable the feature by navigating to Settings > Uber (or Uber Eats) and turning on the Live Activities option. uber it was touted as a great implementation of Live Activities back in June, and it’s finally rolling out the feature five months later.

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