WB boss reportedly not happy with Netflix after Sandman S2 revamp

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is reportedly unhappy with Netflix’s payment terms in the wake of The Sandman season 2 renewal.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is reportedly taking aim at Netflix.

According to TermZaslav has been “criticizing” the streaming giant’s payment terms, which could open a “new front in the streaming wars.” Term reports that this development comes after Netflix renewed its DC series The Sandman — a Warner Bros. Television production — for a second season on the platform.

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Zaslav is evidently not happy with the way the Netflix deals are structured. For the uninitiated, Netflix essentially pays producers over the course of 18-24 months. While this approach has been used (and known) for years, Zaslav, a “boss famous for his active involvement,” is now the man in charge of Warner Bros. TV, one of Netflix’s largest third-party content providers. . Zaslav has reportedly “expressed his dissatisfaction” with Netflix’s terms to some of his key colleagues at Warner Bros. Discovery over the past few weeks.

It’s more, Term claims that Zaslav has told his teams to “stop selling finished shows to Netflix” for the next few weeks. “It’s a weird way to look at it,” said an anonymous Warner Bros. Discovery insider familiar with the situation. “Obviously it’s the way the industry works and he’s worked with Netflix. He’s paid huge amounts [by Netflix] and the company has been happy with it. It’s like he suddenly found out what the payment terms were.”

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Notably, Netflix’s recently launched ad-supported tier also resulted in Warner Bros. Discovery securing new payouts for some of its programming currently on the platform. According to TermNetflix paid the studio for the rights to “sell ads within several of its shows.”

David Zaslav’s issues with Netflix follow The Sandman season 2 renewal

As mentioned above, Zaslav’s discontent with Netflix arose after the streaming giant made the decision to renew The Sandman for season 2. The viewership numbers for the Neil Gaiman-developed DC series almost certainly justified its big budget for Netflix, with The Sandman accumulating approximately 200 million hours of audience during its first 10 days of release. While this would apparently make the decision to renew quick and easy, The Sandman Season 1 aired for three full months before Season 2 was given the go-ahead.

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Of course, The Sandman It’s not the only Netflix original series produced by Warner Bros. TV, as the platform is also home to other DC adaptations. Sweet tooth and former NBC series Manifest. In addition, Netflix owns the streaming rights to several shows produced by The CW’s Warner Bros. TV thanks to a previous production deal, including Supernatural, riverdale and various DC Arrowverse series.

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