Why fans may want to keep expectations in check after the Transformers Reactivate trailer

Debuting in 1984, the transformers The franchise has managed to transcend multiple generations, with its extensive line of transforming toys, big-budget movies, and family-friendly animated shows keeping it relevant for nearly four decades. In the last 20 years or so, the transformers The franchise has also found its way into the gaming space, and while it’s been a while since a big-budget transformers game released, the newly announced Transformers: Reactivate could finally fill that niche.


Announced during the Game Awards, Transformers: Reactivate It will apparently be an online action game, developed by Splash Damage. Having said that, Transformers: ReactivateThe debut trailer for didn’t reveal much, instead showing a lot of blurry footage of explosions and energy blasts. Many fans only picked up on the fact that it was a transformers game when the trailer showed a POV shot of what is presumably Bumblebee being woken up by some human characters. While the ad alone is enough to get transformers fans incredibly excited, it’s best to keep those expectations in check, at least until fans have seen a bit more of the game.

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The Transformers: Reactivate Trailer Could Be Lots Of Smoke And Mirrors

Video game trailers are not usually the most honest form of marketing. While gameplay trailers tend to be pretty reliable, as the mechanics are fully showcased and gameplay is truly representative of the final product, cinematic trailers aren’t as highly regarded. Although cinematic trailers are the common way to announce a game and build excitement for it, they have fallen out of style in recent years, mainly due to their inability to truly capture how the game will look and play upon its eventual release. .

It’s been a long time since a big budget transformers the game came out. while mobile transformers low-budget games and beat ’em ups have continued to be released steadily for the past few years, transformers fans are desperate to go back to the days of high-quality, big-budget titles like Transformers: War for Cybertron and its sequel fall of cybertron. So naturally the announcement of a seemingly great transformers game, and at the Game Awards no less, has already caused quite a stir in the transformers fanbase. But it’s important for fans to step back and temper their expectations.

The announcement trailer for Transformers: Reactivate it was cinematic, using solely CG to convey the overall premise of the game. Right now, fans know absolutely nothing about the actual gameplay of this game, other than the fact that it will be an online action game. Although the trailer had some impressive and authentic-looking footage, it doesn’t necessarily give a clear indication of what the game will actually look like, and fans should avoid going too far too early.

With that being said, Splash Damage is a pretty reliable developer. Over the past 20 years, Splash Damage has worked alongside some of the industry’s most talented developers to co-produce beloved titles such as Batman: Arkham Origins. Since 2015, Splash Damage has worked closely with The Xbox Coalition to help develop the latest Gears of war titles, which shows that he has quite a bit of experience in the online third-person shooter market. so yes Transformers: Reactivate follows a game structure similar to gears, then fans may feel a bit more justified in getting excited about the game early on. Hopefully Splash Damage can look back on the golden age of big budgets. transformers games as it pushes the franchise into exciting new territory.

Transformers: Reactivate is currently in development.

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