Your iPhone has a hidden snow alert that reveals when it’s about to start

ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT THE SNOW? Or maybe you want to be warned so you can run away? You need to set up snow alerts for iPhone.

Millions of iPhones have a hidden setting that gives you snow alerts based on your location.


You should turn on Stay Dry notifications right nowCredit: Apple / The Sun

It is very useful and totally free to set up.

If snow, hail or rain is about to fall where you are, it will warn you.

This gives you time to run for cover, turn around on your walk, or open your umbrella.

Or if you’re a fan of winter conditions, you can grab some gloves and launch into a snowball fight.

The feature couldn’t come at a better time, as winter chills grip the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s tied to the big overhaul of the new iPhone Weather app that launched with iOS 15 in September 2021.

Apple’s Weather app wasn’t always brilliant, and it’s been mocked before.

But the new version is significantly better and might save you from getting drenched.

It only takes a few seconds to activate these alerts.

How to enable weather alerts on your iPhone

First, make sure you’re updated to iOS 15 (or even better, iOS 16): Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Then give the Weather app your location information; otherwise it won’t work.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location services > Weather and select Always.

You’ll get even better alerts if you grant access to Precise Location.

Then make sure the Weather app can send notifications.

Go to Settings > Notifications > Weather > Allow notifications, and then select what kind of alerts you want.

Finally, you need to enable weather alerts.

Go to the Weather app and choose the list icon at the bottom right.

At the top you will see an option called Stay Dry.

If that doesn’t show up, tap the three dots at the top right and then go to Notifications.

Tap Turn on notifications, and then turn on the switch for My location.

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Then tap Done in the top right corner and it should work.

You will now receive a warning just before it starts to snow, hail or rain where you are.

The Weather app can also give you a precipitation (including snow) timeline overlaid on a map


The Weather app can also give you a precipitation (including snow) timeline overlaid on a mapCredit: Apple

Featured Image Credit: Apple/Unsplash/The Sun

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