Artist Is Fixing The Color Of Pokemon 3D Models

A Pokemon fan shares his project to recolor 3D Pokemon models back to their older pixel video game color hues.

a fan of the Pokemon Video Games recently shared a project that they’ve just started, and they’re working on recoloring the 3D models of the pocket creatures in the more vibrant shades of their older pixel sprites. Starting with the first generation Pokemon, the artist slowly works his way through the entire roster of pocket creatures.

It is not surprising for Pokemon fans to make callbacks to older pixel graphics titles in the video game series. After all, this was what started it all Pokemon worldwide trend and fascination for pocket creatures. The members of the Pokemon the community regularly puts their adoration for pixel titles into fan art and original content. Some fans make their own renderings of next-gen Pokemon as Gen 1 sprites, and one fan even started a project to recreate the Kanto region solely with LEGO bricks.


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Over on TikTok, a user by the name of ThoughtBubbleYT started a miniseries of them documenting how they’re recoloring 3D models of Pokemon into their more colorful sprite hues from older Nintendo DS games. In the first video ThoughtBubbleYT posted, they kicked off the series with the first pocket creature in the Pokedex, the Grass-type starter, Bulbasaur. The artist shared that Bulbasaur was originally bluer in pixel games. While fixing Bulbasaur’s color, they also proceeded to match the 3D models of Bulbasaur’s evolution line to the shadows of their older sprites.

The artist explained that many of the 3D Pokémon models lost their vibrant colors after Game Freak made the switch to 3D models. This can be seen in ThoughtBubbleYT’s other videos when they moved on to the other Gen 1 starter Pokemon. They recolored Charmander and his evolution line, then this video was followed by Squirtle and his evolution line. As of now, the artist has recolored Butterfree in his Nintendo DS pixel shades, and he’s got a long way to go if he wants to complete the entire Pokemon roster.

Hopefully ThoughtBubbleYT can keep up with his Pokemon recolor project. According to them, they have already completed 15 of the 151 Pokemon from the Kanto region. With over 630 more Pokémon to recolor, it may take a while to complete your project. However, many within Pokemon The community will likely be interested in seeing the artist finish all of the pocket creatures recolored in their most vibrant hues.

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