Fortnite will add My Hero Academia content on December 16

Fortnite’s My Hero Academia crossover has been confirmed and is coming soon. According to a recent tweet from the official Fortnite Twitter account. Fortnite x My Hero Academia arrives on December 16, 2022.

We first got hints of the My Hero Academia crossover with a pickaxe painted to look like All Might. Deku then appeared at the end of the Chapter 4 gameplay preview using his One For All powers to bring down a building against a group of opponents. This led fans to believe that the crossover event will be similar to Dragon Ball’s crossover event, but instead of Goku firing his Kamehameha attack, it will be Deku punching things (or possibly using his quick attack, but we haven’t seen that). ). that yet).

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Epic Games hasn’t released the full details of what the My Hero Academia crossover event will entail, but a source has claimed that it will feature more than just Deku and an All Might pickaxe. Stay tuned for more information, which will likely be before the event begins next week. That will give us a good idea of ​​what a My Hero Academia battle royale game will look like before Banda Namco’s My Hero Ultra Rumble.

In other Fortnite news, Epic Games is being sued in a Canadian court for making Fortnite too “addictive.” According to a class action lawsuit originally filed in 2019 but recently cleared in the Quebec Superior Court, the lawsuit claims that Fortnite stunts children’s emotional and social growth, leading to vocabulary gaps and communication problems. social integration. He even goes so far as to compare Fortnite’s addiction to heroin.

Epic denies the claims made in the lawsuit, pointing to Fortnite’s “industry-leading parental controls” that allow parents to track their children’s playtime and set limits on both playtime and spending. Epic said it plans to fight the case in court, with Epic’s lawyer writing: “We believe the evidence will show that this case is without merit.”

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