iPhone Tops Google’s Search List In Terms Of Gadget Insurance: Are iOS Smartphones More Vulnerable To Theft?

iPhone is at the top of the Google search list in terms of device insurance.

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Boxes of the new iPhone X on a table in an Apple Store on November 3, 2017 in Palo Alto, California. The highly anticipated iPhone X went on sale worldwide today.

Does it mean that iOS smartphones are more vulnerable to theft?

Over the past few years, criminals have been able to find different methods to steal expensive devices from people.

Either they are physically stealing it or using hacking methods.

Because of this, consumers tend to look for insurance that protects them from potential theft; It seems that iPhone users are the most looking for insurance services.

The iPhone tops the Google search list in terms of gadget insurance!

According to the latest report from Digital Information World, the iPhone is the number one device for Google Search related to electronic insurance.

iPhone Tops Google's Search List In Terms Of Gadget Insurance: Are iOS Smartphones More Vulnerable To Theft?

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A man uses his mobile phone as he walks past advertisements for new iPhones outside the Apple store in Hong Kong on October 10, 2019. – Apple on October 10 removed an app criticized by China for allowing protesters in Hong Kong to track down the police as Beijing increases pressure on foreign companies seen as supporting the pro-democracy movement.

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One Insurance, a UK-based insurance provider, said iPhones topped its search engine charts in November to date, with more than 40,000 searchers.

Google Pixel comes next, with more than 1,500 search engines. The experts concluded that these details show that people are willing to protect themselves from any iPhone theft.

However, they clarified that this does not prove that thieves prefer the Apple brand when it comes to stealing smartphones.

Is the iPhone more vulnerable to theft?

BU Today provided some reasons why thieves prefer to steal iPhones over other brands of smartphones.

Boston University executive director of information security Quinn Shamblin said iPhones could attract more criminals.

This is because iOS smartphones have high resale values. He further explained that stolen iPhones could sell for up to $200 a unit on the black market.

Now, if your Apple phone has ever been stolen, the iPhone maker provided security measures you should follow:

  • Report the lost iPhone to the local police as soon as possible.
  • Try to remotely wipe your iOS device.
  • Always notify your wireless service provider of theft.
  • Try to mark your stolen iPhone as a lost device. This will allow you to remotely lock it with an access code.

If you want to see more tips on iPhone theft from Apple, you can visit the official support page of the company.

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