Pokémon Scarlet and Violet could have sealed the fate of a long-standing feature

scarlet and violet pokemon These are quite possibly the most revolutionary games in the franchise to date, and that’s down to the many changes that were made to the core experience, such as allowing free roaming or removing tall grass encounters with wild creatures. scarlet and violet pokemon It broke a lot of traditions, which can be a pretty polarizing thing to do, but it could be argued that The Pokemon Company’s intention was always to improve on the series’ shortcomings. However, there are consequences to the design choices made for Gen 9 games, and while some of them may be immediately palpable, others may only become apparent as time passes and new mainline titles are added to the franchise.


For example, do scarlet and violet pokemonThe professors, the villains of the story, are a nice narrative twist that the series has never explored before, but it also takes away from the familiar trope of professors being trustworthy and good-natured. Future games may struggle to reconcile players’ views of the Pokémon Professors, but this isn’t something that can be determined in the here and now. But this is far from the only major change brought about by Gen 9 gaming. In fact, there’s one long-standing feature that didn’t make the cut in scarlet and violet pokemonand that is Victory Road.

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Why wasn’t Victory Road included in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Victory Road has not always been present on all main lines Pokemon game, being absent from the base Gen 2 titles and only appearing in his Kanto form in pokemon crystal and later in Pokémon HeartGold Y Silver Soul. Most notably, pokemon sword Y Shield it didn’t include Victory Road, and now that it’s also missing from Gen 9, it’s easy to see how this could become a permanent trend in future titles. One of the main culprits for this design choice is probably scarlet and violet pokemonThe free exploration of , as well as the open world settings of the games.

Free exploration was something that Pokemon games have been trying to do to some extent with their modern entries, with titles like pokemon x Y Y paving the way for it, all the way to Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Because an open world setting designed with free exploration in mind has to be as accessible as possible, this was probably the reason behind the removal of line of sight trainer battles in scarlet and violet pokemon. Another consequence was that level design for Gen 9 had to be anything but linear, which has instead been a staple for previous games, including Gen 8.

Why Pokémon Scarlet and Violet skipping Victory Road is bad news for their future


The line-of-sight mechanic and linear level design are core components of the experience behind Victory Road, which is often a cave that holds many secrets and is filled with trainers using more optimized Pokémon than the rest of the world. play. Victory Road is usually seen as some sort of rite of passage before players can challenge the Elite Four, but this wasn’t included in Gen 8, and it’s not present in Gen 9 either. Instead, accessing the Pokemon League and the elite four in scarlet and violet pokemon it’s extremely easy, as all it takes is to enter a short tunnel in Mesagoza after beating all the Gyms.

A big part of Victory Road is creating a challenging route with non-skipable battles where players have to use the tricks they learned on their adventure to continue through the Pokémon League, but this is far from what Gen 9 is about. As such, it may seem like Victory Road will never return in the future because it’s hard to imagine a sequel to scarlet and violet pokemon that abandons both the open world setting and free exploration. Considering that this long-standing feature was absent from Gen 8 as well, its absence from Gen 9 may have sealed its fate, and players won’t see it again.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are now available on Nintendo Switch.

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