The 7 Best Customizations You Can Do With iOS

The fact that iPhones can’t be customized to the same extent as Androids is one of the most frequent complaints made to them. Apple released its new iOS 16 updates for its Apple devices a few months back. This update paved the way for Apple and brought many more customization features which will be covered in this article.

Customize the lock screen

You can change the lock screen according to your needs by changing your wallpaper by adding a photo or shuffle photos, emojis, weather, color, etc. Along with this, you can even change the focus of things on the lock screen.

Change the font and color of the clock

Now you can change the color and font of the clock just by clicking on it. There are about 8 fonts and all colors available in color pickers. This is done to make it more readable in context.

Personalize the home screen

We can change the layout of the home screen by rearranging it with a new app library and removing apps etc.

Change app icons

With this feature, you can change the icon of iPhone apps of your choice by creating a new shortcut on your home screen. You can also hide the app icon text and even rename it.

Customize new Memoji

With this, you can change the hairstyles, skins, and other things of the memojis, like colors, style, poses, etc.

Customize Control Center

You can change the layout of the control centers by rearranging them, changing configuration options, etc.

Customize Share Sheet

You can choose your own Share Sheet layout by selecting which apps and tools are displayed and in what order.

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