Twitter Blue relaunch: Now $9 for web and $11 for iOS users

Elon-musk-owned microblogging site Twitter has relaunched its “Twitter Blue” premium subscription service, which gives users special access including a blue tick, the ability to post 1080p videos and edit tweets starting 12 from December. Keep in mind that this is the third iteration of the Twitter Blue subscription service, which is very different from the first version, which launched in June 2021.

The revamped service launched a few weeks ago, which led to many fake verified accounts and phishing, causing Elon to disable the Twitter Blue subscription for a while. Now with the second iteration of it, users need to verify their account in addition to paying a subscription fee to get the blue badge. Please note that as of now, there is no update on the launch of Twitter Blue subscription in India.

Why does Twitter Blue cost more for iOS users?

Twitter Blue costs $11 for iOS users, and that extra $3 is collected as the App Store fee (30 percent of the total transaction). While most apps keep prices flat for their subscription services, Twitter has made an interesting move by charging the user that extra money directly.

Note that you can still subscribe to Twitter Blue in a web browser (it even works on iOS devices) and get all the features on your iOS device for just $8. However, if you subscribe from an app on an iPhone or iPad, Twitter Blue will have a premium price.

Twitter blue features and limitations

Although Twitter Blue users will be able to change their username, profile picture, and photo, the blue badge will be disabled until they verify their account again. As of now, there is no information on how long it takes for Twitter to re-verify an account.

There are a few more changes that Twitter has introduced with the revamped blue subscription that includes a reader mode. Businesses that verify your account will also get a new official gold verification mark. Similarly, government and multilateral accounts will receive a gray checkmark in the coming days, which will help them distinguish between regular users.

Very soon, Twitter Blue subscribers will get features like fewer ads, and the ability to post longer videos and tweets from Blue subscribers will be displayed on top of unverified users, forcing more users to get Twitter Blue subscriptions.

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