WhatsApp Transfer + iCloud Backup

So i wanted to move whatsapp from my android to my new 14 pro max. (I used whatsapp on an android; and had an iCloud 12 pro max backup to restore). On the Apps & data screen in Settings (which has options like: “Restore from iCloud Backup”, “Restore from Mac or PC”, “Move data from Android”), I chose to move data from Android and followed the steps on my android in Move to iOS app. Now whatsapp chats moved to my iPhone but it didn’t give me option after that to restore from iCloud. So the image and data from my 12 pro max is not transferred to the 14 pro max. Now if I want to restore the backup, I will have to delete and restore from the beginning, and I will lose whatsapp. Is there a way to restore my iCloud backup and also restore WhatsApp?

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