Survivor’s Bode Akuna is Cal Kestis’ most exciting new weapon

The Jedi: Survivor gameplay trailer showed off many new features, including the introduction of the character Bode Akuna, who will be Cal’s combat partner.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will see Cal Kestis employing many new weapons, including his new ally, Bode Akuna. The latest trailer showed gameplay with the new character, but only a small glimpse and not enough to fully understand the role he will play in the upcoming game. However, a recent interview with Jedi: SurvivorThe developers reveal more details about Bode Akuna and his relationship with Cal.

One of Jedi: Fallen OrderCal’s most notable aspects were fighting solo throughout the main game. From a story perspective, it makes sense because Cal is a Jedi in hiding, so anyone he travels with becomes as much a target as he is. Despite having a small team, it seemed like Cal was taking on the Empire alone, which never goes well in Star Wars. However, the boss fight against Taron Malicos was a rare moment where Merrin, a potential playable character in Jedi: Survivorhe jumped in to help Cal in the fight. Jedi: Survivor is set to expand this mechanic with Bode Akuna.


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Bode Akuna will be Cal’s partner in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Image of Cal and Bode preparing for a cooperative attack against an Imperial Scout Trooper in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

In an interview with game informer, Jedi: SurvivorDirector Stig Asmussen revealed that Bode Akuna will be Cal’s AI partner. Specifically, Bode will assist Cal in combat situations and map traversal. This means that Bode can be to Cal what Atreus is to Kratos in God of War. Cal is already set to use new combat stances in the form of lightsaber variants, so the implementation of the companion mechanic will likely add even more dynamism to Jedi: Survivor, hopefully creating more depth than what was featured in its predecessor, which was already great in its own right. Some intriguing story implications also come with this mechanic.

How Bode Akuna Could Influence Jedi: Survivor’s Story

Image of Cal Kestis and BD-1 standing on a ridge and looking towards the horizon of a barren planet with a city to their left.

travel with Jedi: SurvivorBode’s new ally seems to be a nice update on Cal’s somewhat lonely adventures in Jedi: Fallen Order. Cal is a true Jedi now, and in the five years between games, he seems to have grown more willing to rely on others for help. The Mantis crew will most likely welcome this growth, but they seem to have disbanded in Jedi: Survivor, leaving Cal to search for a new teammate in Bode. A bit more was revealed about the dynamic between the two, which is reportedly a pretty strong friendship, with Asmussen saying: “It’s almost like they’re brothers..”

Cal actor Cameron Monaghan said entertainment weekly that Bode has a similar life trajectory and they respect each other. Jedi: SurvivorThe title may not be about Cal, and it doesn’t seem likely that Bode is a Jedi, but he may also be a target of the Empire. This would make the two obvious allies and explain why they depend on each other for survival. However, one of Cal’s missions in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor may be to assemble the Mantis crew, so it stands to reason that the main antagonist could push the boundaries of Cal and Bode’s partnership, doubling down on the game’s reported theme of doing whatever it takes to survive.

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Source: Game Informer, EA Star Wars/YouTube, Entertainment Weekly

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