Translation Needed by Michael Blaker Thursday: “Valhalla Saga Volume 01” by Chwiryong

michael blaker

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Hi everyone, I’m back for this week’s Translation Necessary Thursday with the first volume of another series from one of my favorite Korean authors. It’s Chwiryong’s “Valhalla Saga Volume 01”!

Plot: The plot is quite interesting. Professional gamer Lee Tae Ho is killed during an esports tournament and is taken to Valhalla by a Valkryie to fight in a war. It’s a mix of Reincarnation and LitRPG, and I quite enjoyed the story.

Characters: Lee Tae Ho is the main character and the player who was taken to Valhalla. It’s actually quite funny how quickly Lee falls for a Valkyrie named Heda, but he doesn’t handle himself that badly in the story. The rest of the characters are great too, but this is just the first volume of many in a rather long and interesting story.

General: It’s a great LitRPG/Reincarnation story that I quite enjoyed. It wasn’t as good as some of Chwiryong’s other work, but it’s still pretty good.

For those who like: LitRPG, Reincarnation, Romance, Action and Adventure.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

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