Afghan journalists develop a mobile app to empower citizen journalism

Two Afghan journalists have developed a mobile app that would help citizens broadcast live what they would like to share with others.

The application called ‘orsyis designed for Android and iOS devices was launched on Thursday by Afghan journalists, Abdullah Khudadad and Sami Mahdi.

The app aims to break down the barriers between the audience and the reporter by allowing citizens to engage in sharing unfiltered live streaming videos of what they see around them.

According to the information published on the Orsy website, reporting this application is financially rewarding by receiving advice online.

“Orsy is not just an app, it is a new method to access and learn about the world around you,” said Abdullah Khudadad, one of the founders, in a post on his Facebook wall.

With real-time and multi-angle updates, powerful geolocation features, Orsy stands out from the rest, Abdullah said.

This is because with the rapid developments in internet technology and social media, citizens are now more engaged in reporting what they see around them through different social media platforms. These developments have helped with the rapid circulation of information globally.

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