Apple opens the game and gives 7 useful tips for iOS 16 that will change your life

Are you already using the latest version of Apple’s operating system? See the iOS 16 tips released by the company itself that are unmissable.

Not long ago, the apple launched the new version of its operating system: the iOS 16. Meaning, iPhone and iPad users were able to download the update, which came with new features and improved security.

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These updates are important to fix bugs and gaps. In addition, it makes the use of smartphones easier and more intuitive. Now, those who already use iOS 16 can consult the usage tips published by Apple itself. So let’s go to them!

Must-Have Tips for iOS 16

  1. Use a specific image piece: In the Photos app in ‌iOS 16‌, by touching and holding a specific part of a photo, you can crop just the selection to place it in another app.
  2. Change the color of lock screen items: To do this, open the lock screen of iphone, press with your finger to open the personalization options; click “Customize”; select the lock screen clock and open the “Font and color” window; choose a new font and color for the clock.
  3. Create shortcuts for words: If you type the same thing over and over again, create a “shortcut” to optimize in Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.
  4. Add low power switch: go to “Control Center” for easy access. Then head to Settings > Control Center and enter the list of Controls included.
  5. Open in camera in a few seconds: tap and hold shortcut camerain the bottom right corner of the lock screen.
  6. Translate texts automatically: In the camera, point to some text, tap the button in the right corner, and select translate. Also, this feature works for photos that are already stored in the ‌Photos app.
  7. Scan texts from a sheet of paper: the Photos app automatically crops and adjusts the image to make the document readable. Which means you won’t need a scanner!

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