Apps that promise to REVEAL when someone visits your Instagram profile

Many people miss a feature that could be interesting for Instagram: see who visited your profile. The resource, which already existed on the famous -and deceased- social network called Orkut, is absent on the Meta platform. On the other hand, on LinkedIn, the functionality is available in the free and premium version.

On Instagram, on the other hand, there is not the slightest indication of a future update that will bring this function. However, there are mobile applications that promise to show people who are stalking your account on the social network. Do you want to know what they are? So let’s see next.

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Apps that promise to reveal that you are stalking on Instagram

However, before listing the applications, it is important to highlight the care when entering your profile data on Instagram to gain access to the information of the visit. Therefore, only authorize what is necessary. Now, let’s go to the applications to know who visited your profile.

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1. See if someone visited your Instagram profile with Reports +

First of all, we have Reports+, an application available for both Android and iPhone (iOS). In summary, it is one of the best valued apps when it comes to discovering stalkers on Instagram.

Therefore, with Reports+, it is possible to know who visited your profile on Instagram. In the free version, you have access to a list of the 20 most recent visitors. Taste? To download it, go to:

  • Android:
  • iPhone (iOS):

2. Analyzer Plus

Second, we have Analyzer Plus, an app through which you can add multiple Instagram accounts for analysis. Like the previous one, this one is also available for Android and iPhone (iOS).

That way, in addition to knowing who visited your profile, the app sends you a notification every time that happens, or when you’re blocked on the social network. The application, in turn, is free, but you have to pay to access some features.

So if you’re interested, download it from:

  • Android:
  • iPhone (iOS):

3. See if someone visited your Instagram profile with Influxy

We also have Influxy, available for Android and iPhone, equipped with various data and information about your Instagram account.

Influxy has a differential attraction: unlike the previous ones, through this you can also check the changes in your friends’ profiles on Instagram, such as the change of name and user. Also, you can find out who harassed you, but didn’t interact. Therefore, if you are interested in using it, visit:

  • Android:
  • iPhone (iOS):

4. Yippee

Last but not least, or functional, we recommend Yupi. With it you have access to complete reports on your Instagram profile and your activity on the social network.

By using Yupi, you will be able to check information such as unfollowers and blocks you have received, as well as visits to your Instagram profile, for example. In addition, you will have a complete history of visits in your stories, which never disappear. Finally, to get it, go to:

  • Android:
  • iPhone (iOS):

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