Boyfriend gives his girlfriend’s dad the perfect gift to kill Bill in a viral Christmas video

It’s a gift that cuts both ways.

Quentin Tarantino knows how to make movies that go to the heart of what people want: well-shot action, a justifiable level of cursing, and Uma Thurman fighting her way through crowds of thugs as she seeks to be reunited with her daughter once again. and movies like kill bill I have all three, so some dads, like the one in this video, are big fans.

TikTok user cowenthusiatic posted a video showing an overjoyed father receiving the gift every man wants despite whiskey stones and beard balms.


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When it comes to big action, Quentin Tarantino is up there. His films are a feast for the senses, featuring samurai sword fights, shootings of ex-slaves and the entire Nazi regime gunned down by American soldiers while a Jewish woman laughs at the revenge she orchestrated. To return to the samurai sword fight every Tarantino fan knows and loves. kill billthe two-volume film about a very pissed-off woman’s quest for revenge that will see her dishing out to her former teammates what they dished out to her before ending with what the title promises: Killing Bill.

That’s why the boyfriend of a certain Tiktok user knew the perfect gift for his girlfriend’s father: the Hatori Hanzo (Sonny Chiba) sword from Kill Bill, the unique weapon that very few characters possess in the movie, and a as good as the one handled by the girlfriend, Beatrix Kiddo, played by Uma Thurman herself. It’s the kind of weapon, they tell him, that will cut even God if he gets in its way. Which is why it’s a perfect gift for a fan of the duology, but also ironic considering a boyfriend better be dedicated to continuing to treat a guy’s daughter well if he just gave her dad a stealing samurai sword. carbon at Christmas.

“Dude,” the father says, still in shock but looking around the room for a place to put his prize, “do you know where this is going?” Mom enters the conversation and begins to say No over and over again, but dad is not deterred: “On the wall above the TV.” Everyone laughs at the apparent pleasure on the face of the man who, probably moments before, received Dad’s typical gifts of socks and cologne and maybe a new pair of jeans. But now he has something even more to be thankful for: a way to keep the Crazy 88 at bay. kill bill if they decide to attack him and his family.

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Source: Enthusiast/TikTok

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